I must first congratulate Opera team for best browser up to date! Thanks guys! @leocg ... 'click to play' could be an option. @nekomajin ... sorry for not reviewing your post. Yes, there are plenty sites and news portals unreasonably using (I would say maniacally) animated gifs, like these are videos everyone want to see immediately. Not just that they are annoying but they are wasting our Internet plans because animated gifs are most not optimized way for video streaming. Now, big animated gifs are everywhere. This is new trend!!! So, please, Opera, kill them all! Offtopic but connected thoughts... Many sites uses auto play video stream! Sites like CNN.com, ABC...and so on. This must be disabled somehow too. I combat this by disabling JavaScript, but, than, sites become broken & unreadable. It is interesting how CNN & many other can have so technically bad approaches. For example, CNN loads all hidden images at once (for image gallery that you must click for view next image). Many of them look like as they have secret agreement with Internet providers to drain your Internet plan. They believe if you are seeing desktop mode, you have flat Internet. Idiots! Only way to combat these Internet monsters is not by waiting them to become smarter, only way is enhanced Opera! Best regards!