@canismajoris said in Saved passwords not autofilled: Da die Moderatoren hier anscheinend nicht wirkliches Interesse zeigen, und wahrscheinlich wie du im Handy offline sind, oder selber einen anderen Browser verwenden. If you write in an English-speaking forum, then the respectability of other readers and users here already requires that you answer in English, or write the contributions in this language. The fact that I don't use a mobile version of Opera is due to a mobile phone provided by my employer. Privately I do not use a smartphone And whether I write from a PC or a handset and try to help you, that might be irrelevant for the answers of my postings. Zeit hat er ja genüge, kümmert sich ja um sonst nichts So I have to tell you that I find this statement really insolent, because the mods, no matter in which forum, are not there full-time, but do this, to my knowledge, in their spare time. I'm not going to answer any of your questions here. Cheers :o