@flclimax said in Can't sign in to browser and Bing keeps hijacking search: @leocg I physically see a google search starting, then a half second into the search before results are displayed the whole web page literally switches to bing from google. ... This sounds so much like a browser hijacker that it's scary, possibly one located in a rogue extension or a malicious redirection entry in the OS hosts file. Does anything like this happen with a native browser (IE or Edge)? When you stated this is a "fresh install" of Win10, did you mean a total main-drive disk reinstall from a previously-made image, a re-install from an OEM OS partition, a Win10 repair install, or something else? Also, when you stated this was a "completely fresh install of Opera", did you mean you wiped out all the original Opera user profile files along with the old installation before reinstalling?