No exaggeration. i had a hand clicker next to me one day decided to use it while at the computer for work. form 8.40am to about 5pm with afew breaks in between, I was long time user of avast, even got 2 years of their premium security suite back when they where giving points towards adding new people up to their services. which as a Tech support person i had many chances to add new people up to avasts services.

But when it ran out i'd uninstall the paid services and reinstall the free. i counted 43 times at between those hours, which game mode on and turned off all the options for pop ups in the settings of avast.

43 times I had to click away the box of, some coupon, or deal, or half price sale. in one day of working, distracting me from typing or screening code.

to be honest. for something that should be there protecting your computer from annoyances that was 43 times too many an antivirus program should ask to pay for anything.