bearblast, For me the speed dial that lets me create folders of links in the speed dial is a major selling point over Chrome (and a unique and very useful feature). I also like Discover (news items in multiple languages and from different countries on a daily basis), Stash (though I wish we could create folders in it), and the promise of Off-Road mode. Also, i have been with Opera so long that I trust the company to ultimately do better with the browser than big bad (smile) Google (and its who gives a damn about your privacy) with Chrome (though I have no problem with the Chrome look). Chrome is my second pick.. Also, I like what Opera has done with the new Opera for Android (Opera 20 there too) and Coast for the Ipad (beautiful aesthetics). I think Opera is a creative company (the little engine that could . . . ) , and moving in the direction of a seamless experience between browser for desktop, and mobile. I understand that some nice features are gone, but hey -- the browser engine has been switched, and Rome wasn't built in a day. Some of them may come back, though not all. One can't do something as major as switching browser engines, and have all of the features that were previously there. If the things I have mentioned mean nothing to you, then for the time being, Chrome may be better for you. Ever person's needs are different. I cannot speak to yours. Aside: as for extension bloated Firefox, I get flash crashes/errors and have been for a year (I use Windows 7). I don't want to spend gargantu-hours trying to solve it. Others on the internet have complained of the same. I still prefer -- even if I weren't having that issue -- the minimalist Opera look. I prefer Chrome to Firefox for my no. 2 (backup) browser.