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Opera 30 beta allows you to sync your Speed Dials

  • I'm signed into Opera with the same username on each device and my bookmarks are in sync but the speed dials are completely different.

    You will find yours Speed Dials from other devices under "Synced Speed Dials".

    Yup. With Opera it can't be simple, it has to be complicated.

  • Hello!

    Do you know if there is a way to rename the devices in the other speed dials?

    That's I have similar names in my work computers and home devices.


  • I'd like it to be much easier and clearer to see what is held on the synchronisation server and manage/edit/delete it.

    Sometimes when you have multiple devices and browsers it can get messy when you add and delete bookmarks or now speed dials. You simply lose track of what is the master copy of your bookmarks.

  • You will find yours Speed Dials from other devices under "Synced Speed Dials"?

    Is it supposed to be in Bookmarks, Settings or a folder on the Speed Dial page? Because it's in none of those places on either on my phones running Opera Beta 30.0.1856.92491

  • Some things are only shown in the bookmark manager.

  • Hi

    We have just updated the beta channel.

    The new version includes an important security fix, bug fixes and general stability improvements.

    Please update, its available on Google Play.


  • hello sir plz improve ur downloading speed and plz add a function of floating tab on all app just like boat browser ...It will be very useful and attractive. plz add this feature in coming version. ...

  • When will provide full screen capability like you have in the mini version?

  • i like the full screen like in opera mini and green progress line to be here 🙂

  • Hi

    I would like to add support for extensions from the desktop version of opera

  • Hi all,

    We have updated our beta channel and it should be live in google play now. The build contains bug fixes and general stability improvements.

    A huge thanks to all our beta users for your support with bug reports and suggestions!

  • the video control is much better now with the pause button in the midle.. Bravo

  • Dear developers! All are lacking synchronization of all! Bookmarks, Express panels, history, passwords, extensions! Extensions are not synchronized. A Express panel, there is synchronization, but not comfortable. Please Express synchronization panels on all devices the same. As it was before. What the Express panel on PC1, PC2, etc, and on the phone, both the phone and tablet. One Express panel for all devices! Thank you!

  • @kazancevlesha we currently sync speed dials, bookmarks and tabs. Extensions does not sync because there is no extension support on Android. We will continue to extend our sync support in the coming versions.

  • Want to see the Express panel is the same on all devices.

  • we currently sync speed dials

    Hmm, not really. :rolleyes:

  • I do not see where to look for Speed Dial Sync to my O30 on my laptop, the O30 Beta just installed on my tablet does not show the same speed dials as are on my Laptop.

    Where is this "Synced Speed Dials??"


  • Check dual arrow sign. @bbidman

  • Ok, did that and it DOES show my Speed Dial from my O30 on Windows, I told it to import all, and now all is well.

    Thank you SO much for your help.

  • Hi ya'll

    We have just published a stability update on the beta channel. It will be available on Google Play within a few hours.
    It includes fixes for a crash, issues with video controls and some other minor bugs.

    Please let us know if you find any new issues.

    Cheers everyone!

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