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Please return me my mail!

  • Now that Opera mail is shut down I am getting the pop-up message “Authentication failed for” with my old Opera email address after it.
    Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

    Using Opera's email client?

    Opera > Mail and Chat Accounts > select the @myopera account > edit > Incoming tab > untick "check for new messages every #minute" and untick the next one too "include this account when checking manually".


    Je viens de découvrir que myopera était fermé alors qu'aucun avertissement ne m'a été adressé au préalable.
    Je dois absolument récupérer les mails qui sont stockés dans mes dossiers myopera.
    Comment faire ?
    Merci d'avance.

  • Completly irresponsible finished myoipera mail withouth len know to user by email is offence ,I think.
    I lost very important for me materials. Is the team of Opera socjety youngsters? Now I know abouth popularity of Opera.

  • Please i begging you .... Opera... please get back the our email account... all the messages their are very important to me and all th Information and contact Person that i save their... please.... i earn all of that since i was still collage way back 4 year before... 😢

  • I have the same problem as you !

    I did not make a transfer to another email adress and now the page is closed. What can I do to get back my account or to transfer my mails after the closing ? Does anyone have an idea ?

    I wrote on the wall of opera browser on facebook but they deleted my message ^^


  • How can I recover my email's!!!

  • Teh closing of myopera user blogs and mail was announced month before. See

    The mail accounts do not exist anymore. They are deleted.

  • C'est inadmissible. Je n'ai reçu aucun message pour me prévenir de la fermeture de myopera. Un tel amateurisme est une honte.
    Les responsables de myopera n'ont aucune considération pour les utilisateurs. Ne savent-ils pas envoyer des messages d'avertissement ?

  • Comment aurais-je su que myopera allait fermer puisque je n'ai reçu aucun avertissement ! Les responsables de myopera se sont comportés comme des amateurs et ont fait preuve d'un manque de considération envers les utilisateurs qui touche à l'irrespect.

  • I agree with sierramaestra91 because I not receive any message talking about the closing of MyOpera. The team Opera should have sent a message to our mail to notify us.

  • Please help me! I also did not know myopera email would close. How do I retrieve my important mails?

  • I have never used the forums - I only opened and used the mail service - and I was NOT informed of impending closure. I only found out when I tried to log on this morning.

    Totally gutted and I don't believe they cannot retrieve/reprieve our stuff.

    Tried downloading the new service and hoped to migrate old folders but not allowing me - message that my account is now closed. I loved using the email service.

    Shame on you, Opera - not a good cause to make for a shiny future...

  • How could I have known that MyOpera would close because I have not received any warning! Officials MyOpera behaved like amateurs and showed a lack of consideration for users who touches disrespect.

  • Up until yesterday morning it could still be accessed at:

    Unfortunately it appears that this option no longer works. It would appear you are too late. We've known for months that this would happen although that doesn't take away the pain of those who have lost their mail through no knowledge of the shutdown. It's unfortunate and maybe a reminder to try and keep yourself abreast of what is happening to the company from whom you use a free service.

  • This is not because the service is free MyOpera the team was entitled to mock users and close the service without any personal warning.
    I never accessed the forums before today, it was therefore not possible to me to be notified of the closure of MyOpera.

  • Why did MyOpera team does not consider it necessary to warn users by email?
    Why let new users create a MyOpera then realized that was slated for closure?
    Why such contempt?
    Why such a casually?
    This behavior demonstrates that it is not possible to trust Opera and all the services it can offer.

  • Is there anyway to get access to my mailboxes for a bit, I don't remember ever seeing any email in this regard. Please is there any way to get access for for a bit?

  • Is there anyway to get access to my mailboxes for a bit, I don't remember ever seeing any email in this regard. Please is there any way to get access for for a bit?

    I believe that it is now too late to access your email. As I mentioned above, up until yesterday it was still possible but it now appears that this door has been closed. Now whether the email exists in an archived form on their servers or whether it has simply been deleted is anyone's guess but my gut feeling is, it's too late to retrieve it.

  • LOL at Opera, you deserve this hate. I said, that many user are using MyOperaMail as their primary e-mail adress, some used the little login window ( not the My Opera Mail startpage ) and they had no chance to see that MyOperaMail will close. Others used E-Mail clients.

    So reckless of you that you not mailed

    Now many people lost all their data. I can't understand you Opera. Your spirit has changed and i feel very uncomfortable to use your products. You lost it.....

  • Is there any contacts we can reach at Opera I am sure they have to have it Archived for a period of time, any numbers to call?

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