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Opera Link still not working or am i too ....

  • it will be better the technical team gives us solution rather then asking funny questions when they know book mark sycronisation is not working so why don't technical team really put up efforts to give us solution which is pending since one month and why every time questions are being asked

    will some body from technical dept will give us answer when this problem will be solved

  • I'm using Opera Mini 7.1.32052 on a Sony Ericsson Naite, and each time I login to Opera Link, the app freezes and I need to close it

  • @nekuxero
    Reboot your phone without SIM card, reinsert SIM and reboot again for a fresh start. In genere SE devices can't fail in this way without a good reason, I know that much.

  • Hi, i just signed up into, cause i want to sell my old PC (this PC that im using now)
    and i wanted to save all my favs and other very usefull staff. Cause i make websites and other things.
    When i watched this intro video from link opera there was a small panel on the bottom where you need to press
    to synchronize opera and i dont have this bar.

    Version: 20.0.1387.64
    Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    or is it possible to save everything manualy and export it myself ?

  • Hi, been using Opera for 10 years mainly due to the SideBar with Notes, Bookmarks etc which allows me to synch across many many devices.

    Just started up a new Mac (64 bit) and downloaded Opera 20 - but no longer see the Sidebar or Link available.

    Is this gone?

    (My previous Mac runs Opera 12.5 and it has the Side Bar and synch service.)

    I could not find a direct email address to Opera Support so I am using the forum.

  • I'm going to talk exclusively about the browser on pc

    what the effing eff
    why each user have to come here and ask to be OP'ed ?
    since opera took it's big turn to looks like (or more like "be like") chrome it's just an abomination for users ...

    no more options
    no more customisation

    and now : no more synch

    looks like at opera you don't even know how to make a good reply box 👍

    so @annelisek said :

    please note that it is in an experimental stage.
    then :
    why the hell there's no informations about this experimental stage on, FOR EXAMPLE, this page :
    (this page is useless btw because in the video it's not the last version of opera ...)
    or :
    Why the effing hell this link synch that doesn't work is in production and available for users ?

    thank you for reading me

  • Yeah, thats true...

  • I'm using Opera 12.16 and on 2 different computers several years old.

    The Opera Link is working fine and has been working this last 10 days without problems.

    Am so pleased I reverted from Opera 17/18 back to 12.16 so I could use the notes/bookmarks/speed dial synchronisation.

    Most pleased.

    Just wanted to provide a positive comment here about Opera. 🙂

  • @thenger
    https sync link doesn't exist anymore per se. Opera Link (https) is after (login link) on the same line. That's for sure, and now what I think is that domain must be connected with the new forums link as users database based on the same login forms.

  • I had restart mi cellphone, re-install Opera Mini and Opera Link doesn't work ever again 😞

    Where does it fail - are you able to log in to Opera Link in Mini, or does it fail at login?

    I mean, I just can't log in on the browser, in Opera mini. I`m not able, it says "loading..." and never let me log in. So, I can't sync my bookmarks... I know I can view my bookmarks in the website, but I can edith them or anything from there.

  • Well, bye bye Opera, and welcome firefox.
    After many years on opera, i have to move on other browser.

  • I had updated Opera mini and now works 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Hey! I can't log in Opera Classic on my Android now. Anyone can?

  • that's too bad. opera used to be good. don't they really care with loyal opera users? I guess it's time to get a proper and future proof brower...

  • I really like using opera for browsing the web, but the lack of synchronization functionality is really making me think about moving to Google chrome. It's been like forever that the synchronization page says that it will be fixed soon, but I'm starting to doubt whether someone is working on this improvement.

  • They dont full king care about the old and loyal users who stored all their internet personal data for years...

  • This is a sad situation, since the new version Opera wanted us to use the new Bookmark and Speed Dial, and now we can't save, backup or sync.
    Makes it pretty useless.

    It's time to fix this issue...

  • well , i stopped using Opera as the sync is not functioning and I believe its ridiculous.
    Its 2014 now not 1995 that I carried my bookmarks on a floppy as I had to exchange them between my systems.

  • They are working on this, so don't be so childish all of you who complain. If you don't want to wait go to Google or Firefox, your choice. Nobody is holding you off. In fact, don't even waste the time to mess the forums here with expressing your frustration. Just go, why you even bother to come here and threaten to leave. You are free to go. You sound like wainy trolls.

    They are reworking the whole thing.
    Not just bringing bookmarks back, which less and less people use nowadays. I stopped using bookmarks 2 years ago because it was terrible mess. I don't need bookmarks if I can google things or simply copy text to Evernote. From that point of view it makes absolute sense what Opera is doing and I applaud them because it's the right direction to go.

    So instead of bitching and waining, take a trip to another browser and if you like you can come back. Cheers.

    By the way - Opera is probably short of cash. My only concern is how they are going to finance everything. Google is main income but with the market share of mobile phones diminished (Fall of Nokia phones and web-capable feature phones), Opera has less choices. So move to Android was necessary, at least it's not too late. If they haven't made the big step they would have already closed down the shop the same way Nokia did (almost, without Microsoft rescue injection).

    Opera works great and I wouldn't switch to Chrome by no means:

    1. Privacy
    2. Speed
    3. Customizability and Tools
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