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Sign up for Opera Mini for iOS beta program!

  • //I have i pad mini 2 , But ios 7.4 . Can i join this program ???//

    Yes, Indeed, you can Join the program. most welcome.

  • ///Did anyone else try the IOS Opera Mini Beta program? Or was I the outlier?

    If so, did you get any feedback? Did you see a purpose to the IOS Beta?

    I've done a bunch of Betas over the years, but I've never had no feedback...


    Sorry about that JK, you may not be contacted by the Dev's due to their work load, but the feedbacks are indeed taken care of.


  • Thanks. Is there a new beta any time soon? The old one expired early last month and kicked me off.


  • thank you very giving insight for me

  • Just got notice of a new beta for ios. We'll see how it goes...

    (Ooh - "night mode"!)


  • The night mode is nice - it doesn't invert the display, but makes the screen much dimmer than before. Dialog boxes remain bright, though. There are toggles for "enable" and "bedtime" along with a slider for dimming. "Enable" turns it on and off. The slider changes brightness. I don't know what "bedtime" does, though.

    One problem: the night mode setting turns itself off spontaneously. I was playing with it last night, and switched to and used a different app for a while. When I came back to Mini, the night mode setting had turned itself off. I think it happened when the phone reloads Mini from the memory saving status (I'm not sure what the proper programming terms are); it only happened when I'd be away from Mini for a while.


  • This "Bedtime" option adds a very subtle reddish overlay which is particularly easy on the eyes during evening times.

  • Well, that explains it; I'm colorblind! Thanks.

    Any idea why "enable" doesn't persist when switching apps? Or is that a basic bug...


  • A couple issues...

    Sometimes, when switching back to Mini it will have dumped everything I was doing and started a completely blank session. I have found no pattern for this. I haven't noticed this sort of behavior in other apps on my iphone, either.

    On longer pages, Mini won't finish loading the page before trying to jump to an anchor tag that hasn't yet loaded. This leaves me scrolling and scrolling, trying to discern where on the page I should have been sent.


  • I have installed TestFlight on my iPad, confirmed my subscription and haven't received the email with opera mini beta.

  • I think there isn't a current beta.


  • Hi,

    sadly the subscription link does not exist anymore.

    Will there be new betas soon?

    I would also be fun for me testing new versions of Opera Coast and Opera VPN with the current iOS beta 10.3 (14E5260b) and future versions.

    This might help you because only some crazy girls like me run mostly pre-release apps in a pre-release OS on their main device. 😉

    Kind regards