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Audio from Videos only on Headset

  • Hey Guys,

    my "problem" is, that opera (thanks to have it back!) works so nice, that i would like to use it... the whole time.
    if i want to watch a video, soundcloud, or what ever (its not a problem with flash or something like that) the sound is only played on my headset, which is pluged in my normal soundcard output. My Speakers are pluged in the second output device. We are talking about a Creative X Fi "Gamer" Soundcard, with X-Fi CMSS-3D acitvated, to enable the "sorround" sound -> which in fact just gives some output on the other plug.

    So, if i do work with FF, Windows (7 64 bit btw.) the sound is availiable on Headset or Speakers nearly the same.
    SO, i do hear the BING from the Volume or any Video/Soundcloud/whatever von FF.

    This "Problem" is not only on Opera. Its the same on Teamspeak : There, i only hear the voices of my friends via Headset.
    This is not a problem, cause nobodys wants to hear himself doubled over speakers, anyway : Do you know how i can callibrate the sound, that i would hear everything the same : on speakers and headset? Without plugin in and out?


  • Sounds like you turned off the sound. Find something that plays audio without Flash, then click on your Volume Control icon in the systray. Click where it says Mixer - it'll expand to show separate sliders for every current sound source. See if Opera is muted or just turned really low. (Sounds muted through Volume Control still play through the headphones.)

  • You haven't configured your sound card correctly for all your apps. Its only cloning the output of some apps to the rear channel and not all of them. You'll have to fix this with the sound card. This is not an Opera issue.

    Honestly you would be better off just getting an audio switch that you could use to flip from speakers to headphones instead of using your sound card to clone your stereo signals to your rear channel. That way you could use your rear channel output for some real surround sound speakers. They do make a huge different for games.

  • Thanks both, for your infromations.
    Honestly, i checked out allready many Forums and Creative Pages and the whole stuff. I m wondering, if i configured FF once with :settings and added something.

    Fact 1, sgunhouse, sorry : its not that easy. Belive me, i m working as an support, so i checked this out.

    Fact 2, lando242, you're right: its not an Opera fault, and it seems not configured yet.
    Question is : HOW do i configure my Rear channel, like a front channel. Isn't that possible? I mean that there are other soundcards (and software), that are possible to play any Sound on any channel. They are smart enough, to even check if its an HEadset or Speakers. So, this program (i guess realtek?! maybe?!?) asked (if you pluged in "wrong") which source do you want to hear, or what do you pluged in, and it gives you the right signal. Is there a Program?

    I mean, sorry if this forum doesnt fit for this questions... but anyway... have a try 😉

    (In time i solved it, with connecting my onboard Sound and my Soundcard, just switching between "standard" Audio Device / Gamning/Headset -- Speakers)