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  • I'm opening this thread related to my Zoom Popup extension,
    since extension developers are not notified about comments on addons page (only about issues, also not possible to reply on comment) and many ppl asking questions in commenting section.
    So if you have question how, what... ask here.

  • If you want to highlight this more, you can also fill in the "Support page" information about the extension to point to the URL of this thread.
    We generally wanted to direct people in the direction of reports rather than reviews for questions, but I guess we're slowly seeing that it's not changing that much. The review and report system will be overhauled at some point in the not so far future.

  • ok tnx
    I just did.

  • ck-13
    you can replace search query for whatever you like
    default one is there just as an example
    ...and dragging selected text will open search (based on your input)
    or you were thinking about something else?

    This is the address from the search engine settings in opera:

    if i use this in your extension it searches for %s instead of the selected text.

    How can i use it in your extension?

  • How can i use it in your extension?

    sry, wasn't thinking about those situations at all :jester:
    been using that simple code for years on my comp for google search and translate and decided to pack it with zoom
    I'll update extension today, just couple of extra lines in code
    probably tomorrow will be on addons page (updated after admin revision)

  • Would like to see this feature: Text link -> select + drag (up or down) to open in backgrownd or foreground.

  • it will be in next version for links too (different for up and down)

  • So currently when i select/highlight a link and drag 'n' drop it searches for the selected/highlighted text.

    Will this be changed?!

  • So currently when i select/highlight a link and drag 'n' drop it searches for the selected/highlighted text.
    Will this be changed?!

    for now, if address is (with protocol) DnD will open it. But without protocol, like, it will just search for it... I could add some regex for recognizing if there is a www.something or .com or .net (or dot followed by two or three letters an slash, country domains) somewhere in selected text and based on that decide whether to open it or (if not) search for it.
    But those tests are never 100% sure.

    If you ask when user select text in actual link and DnD it, no...
    it is right to presume that he/she wants to search for it...otherwise, why bothering selecting the text in first place

  • I misunderstood enshtein88 request. I love the extension.
    Before i had a macro set up on my keyboard to use a custom search engine, now i only have to dnd.

  • I'm glad you like it...
    I will probably have to remove it (in the next few days) from addons page and upload new one, because it is not possible to make some necessary updates

  • Zoom popup is updated to version 2.0
    -fixed gap in positioning because of new sidebar
    -added different behavior for dragging link UP vs DOWN
    -fixed some small details...
    -added support for V7 Notes (and my other ext)

  • Would it be possible to add the native zoom option Opera to the context menu?

  • you mean like adding it to Zoom popup menu or "real" right click menu?
    if first, it would suck, because native zoom zooms all frames/parts including very own zoom popup, so it would be only one click and gone
    If adding it to right click menu...don't know...I think it would be very jumpy and zoom would cancel right click menu
    you can test it ...right click to show context menu and then scroll mouse wheel with CTRL key
    zoom is canceling menu ('s gone)
    and it would have to be in list (all zoom levels as sub directory of first parent), you can't have buttons on right click menu

  • I meant the real one. Would have been nice.

  • I updated Zoom PopUp extension (2.9)
    It should work fine now with different OS DPI settings

    Link To extension

    I tested it on Windows 10 with different combinations of OS DPI, browser zoom, CSS zoom and sidebar width...
    I hope this applies to Mac OS and Linux too
    If anyone finds any problems, pls report it with your specs (operating system, DPI)