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Broken websites (Twitter, Tumblr)

  • I'm using 12.15 x64 and didn't experiencing any problems on twitter or tumblr

  • (This is odd... Tumblr It's working fine now... )

    Funksoulbro, thanks for your explanation, now I know that other renown browsers are following the great ideas Opera created. Or at least someone will create an app that will do it for them. What I meant in my 1st paragraph is that I would miss the "copy image address" Opera has in the right mouse button menu. Nothing much to most anyway, but it helps me to transfer some of my own things between Tumblr and Wordpress .

    Yet the main thing for me is that it is working fine now. So I'll stick to my promise, and will continue to kick-ass in page loading time with it as usual.

    No browser is flawless. I was trying another one they claimed it's light -a Slim... something... based on IE it seemed. Everything was going fine, a bit uglier than Opera, things looked fine though, till the moment I got to write a post title in a Blogger blog... Everything I tried, couldn't do it! Of course this is also a minor thing (who needs this?), well it's a definitely NO to me! But I guess that's what is going on with browsers nowadays, the perfect one is the one that works for you or you would never had it in first place. That's probably why some get attached to 11.64, I got attached to the last Opera that was working for me. Of course that someone will always find a replacement that will suit their needs and if it won't work will also find a way of making it work. For me it's just simple: it's a tool. I don't need the top notch full of apps I don't even knew existed. I need the one that works for me. If not I'll do all I can to make it work. You ask a mechanic, a carpenter, anybody. Replacing a tool you used in years and years isn't easy, no matter if someone tries to swap a chainsaw for your pocket knife to cut a log if you always cut logs with your pocket knife.

    And now I'll leave you all and go back to having fun (until it crashes again). I'm sure that at least Opera forums are the best. Of course someone will try to dissuade me and tell me also there I'm wrong... :cheers:

  • Twitter has made a come back for me too.

    Originally posted by funksoulbro:

    Originally posted by Cybe-Rider:

    It is not a question of sports team loving, this tool is something useful and needed for our daily tasks.

    For some on here, unfortunately it is a question of "sports team loving".

    I would suggest giving Firefox a try. This morning I've been messing around trying to get it to work like Opera 12.16 using extensions and I've got back the majority of the functionality I need using the following: -

    Add to Search Bar - Allows you to right-click in the search field of any website and add that site to your search engines.
    All-in-one Gestures - Give you more powerful mouse gestures than are in Opera.
    All-on-one Sidebar - Gives you a sidebar very similar to the one that's in Opera 12.16.
    Context Search - Allows you to highlight something on a web page and search with any of your custom search engines.
    Duplicate this tab - Not really needed, but makes it a bit easier to duplicate tabs and gives you a bunch of extra options.
    Speed Dial - A more powerful speed dial than the one in Opera 12.16.
    Undo Closed Tab Button - Gives you a button that opens the last closed tab, with a drop-down list that allows you to select from other closed tabs.

    Those, combined with rearranging some buttons/toolbars, has given me a very close experience to that of Opera 12.16.

    Thanks for that info, I have been putting off the daunting task of sorting the crappy extensions from the good and finding ones to replace old Opera's functionality. You have pretty good starting selection there. Doesn't quite look as aesthetically pleasing as Opera but does have some extra functionality. Mail client is my next thing to investigate.

  • Originally posted by Cybe-Rider:

    What I meant in my 1st paragraph is that I would miss the "copy image address" Opera has in the right mouse button menu. Nothing much to most anyway, but it helps me to transfer some of my own things between Tumblr and Wordpress .

    Firefox has that too: -

  • Originally posted by funksoulbro:

    Green Man Gaming is also inaccessible. It works fine in IE and Opera 18, but in Opera 12.16 if I try and log in or if I add something to my basket and try and go to the checkout stage, I got a "403: Forbidden" error.

    It wasn't working for me either until I tried enabling 'Send referrer information' in the site preferences. Hope it works for you, too!

    EDIT: And disabled Adblock. Having Ghostery still on doesn't seem to matter.

    EDIT: I tried with Adblock on again and it worked; I have no idea.

  • Originally posted by misteromar:

    Twitter has made a come back for me too.

    me too, but, in others pages how I no see the images... testing... may be later...

  • I'm having problems with several pages - Facebook & depositfiles especially
    takes forever to do anything; pages may not load correctly; uploading stuff like pics to FB is impossible.

    Java script is active, Java is 7-45 & says it's all working correctly. Tried the security 'fix' above & no difference.
    Guessing this started about a fortnight ago, & it's driving me crazy.
    Seems like the best idea the help desk has is to install Chrome.... yeah thanks for that ...:yuck:

    It might not be Operas' fault but something is definitely up!

  • Beginning of the end?

    In this case 'supported' meant - doesn't work 😞
    Opera 18 isn't 100% either.

    But I find to my disgust that Chrome works perfectly with FB. (The data-miners stick together). :down: Really didn't want to have to install that product. I think I can live with ditching both however.

    I guess a cut-off for development on opera 12 will ensure that users migrate or leave, as the global website code-base isn't going to stop evolving.

  • That is screenshot of, is it not? That site is changing too often to be reliable means to file distribution. It stops working in some browsers every now and then, and hasn't worked in Opera Proper for a long time. But people love it anyway. I hope the Mega's fat man gets arrested irrespective to what happens to Opera. But I'd have to agree that it indeed sounds like the beginning of the end of the free internet, where information can flow in many directions without passing through Mega, or Tumblr, or Fatbook.

    The site works in Opium and Firefox.

  • Finally, this is the topic I've been seeking! I'm running 12.16 and it suddenly stopped functioning correctly about twelve hours ago, early Friday evening, PST.

    Opera would launch alright and after that, it wasn't responding normally to anything. Not only a matter of which webpages visited, even just getting the Opera menu to appear, or launch a new tab, every single action required a wait so long (during which Opera was hanging and non-responsive) that by the time the screen was active again, it had usually forgotten what it was doing.

    Definitely an Opera issue, Firefox has continued to work normally on the same system.

    After reading the thread, I tried disabling JavaScript. That single change made Opera act normally ~ except that, of course, no page requiring JavaScript will work correctly, which is a definite problem. No video sites, no registration forms or buying features, such as using PayPal, no Captcha, etc.

    Once I read here and discovered the JavaScript issue, I found that there were lots of threads from people who've just encountered this issue in the past couple of days, such as here, . See the myriad related threads linked there.

    At least this somewhat isolates the source of the issue. But what changed within the past day or so to cause this? I see someone mention a Java update, but my browser responded to disabling JavaScript. Would the Java update somehow impact functionality related to JavaScript?

    Moreover, what is a secure and stable solution?

  • Websites are increasing the amount of JavaScript they run at an alarming rate, up to the point that slower computers could hang running nothing but JavaScript in a loop. A large amount of it is for 3rd party "widgets", like visitors maps or chat boxes, or advertisements. To prolong the life of Opera 12, you could start using a decent Content Filtering solution (urlfilter or proxy server like Privoxy) that stops these widgets from being loaded and run.

    Java is different from JavaScript. Java is also used for "apps" embedded in web pages, but they tend to be larger, like games of remote control clients (still within the browser). Updating Java will not resolve issue with JavaScript because each browser's specific implementation of it will continue to be used.

    But since in your case the slowdown was sudden, and extended beyond one particular site (as long as that site was not running in the background all the time), the issue may lie elsewhere. It could be that a plugin or an extension was installed recently. Extensions also run JavaScript, and can be just as slow as those from webpages. For this reason, an advertisement blocking extension is not recommended (over pure urlfilter, or a proxy). You can see the list of running extensions under Opera -> Extensions -> Manage...

  • Try going to any major section of, like here.

    That leads you to

    I hope more sites don't start using that. It doesn't even look like a new initiative, based on the datedness of their blog anyway.

  • I would like to know which known security flaw Opera 12.16 has.

  • Originally posted by LeoCG:

    I would like to know which known security flaw Opera 12.16 has.

    None, the website displays the same "you're going to die if you don't upgrade" message regardless of what browser you use to access it.

  • Originally posted by rafaelluik:

    None, the website displays the same "you're going to die if you don't upgrade" message regardless of what browser you use to access it.

    That's not the case here. It doesn't show up in IE11, the latest FF and Chrome, or Opera 15+.

  • Originally posted by funksoulbro:

    Originally posted by Cybe-Rider:

    @Ornette - Here's how to fix the Discogs image issue. It's actually a different issue to the one this thread is about. Open this link in a new tab, which is a link to the image that currently won't display for you: -

    It'll say "403 - Forbidden". Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose "Edit Site Preferences...", then click on the Network tab and check the box next to "Send referrer information" and hit OK. Images will now work on Discogs again.

    A late thanks for your advice. It works fine now with displaying the images.

    But there is still one problem with Opera (12.16) that does not exist with Firefox. Unlike before this image display problem occured, I can no longer save discogs images to the hard drive, as the "Save image ..." context menu is missing. It is present in firefox on the same page.

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