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  • runnung xp sp2
    the browser installs but when you try to start it it crashes computer
    opera 26 never had this problem

  • At, the OS requirements for Opera 26 shows Windows XP SP3. Perhaps your SP2 installation is missing something necessary that has finally caught up with you on Opera 27.

  • Perhaps

    why do all the other browsers like google chrome firefox sea monkey k melon maxthon work
    on my computer

  • We probably can't say. I for one am not going to spend the next 10 minutes on google looking up their system requirements. That said, XP is a 14 year old OS that is no longer supported by Microsoft and is full of bugs and security vulnerabilities that are never going to be fixed. On top of that you aren't even running the latest version. It would behoove you to either retire that computer or replace Windows with some flavor of Linux that can run on its elderly hardware but is still maintained.

    That is the way of things. Newer versions of software only support newer versions of operating systems. Even so, newer for Windows XP is still 6 years old. The maximum useful life of a PC is generally only around 5.

  • i surprised your not been having issues with TLS websites on XP SP2,
    Make a clone of your HDD {{and remove the activator or/and change your product key that supports SP3(assuming its not a genuine install)}} and download SP3 and install it and enable POS mode updates(not had any issues with system that Require XP due to old printers and such), if you Really need to still use XP

    really you need to get onto windows 7 (most systems only need 2GB of ram to run it and make sure video card is a intel 945 or higher)


    27.0.1689.66 is a dude thats why it dont dont crashes xp

  • 27.0.1689.66 is a flop thats why it crashes xp

  • 27.0.1689.66 is a flop thats why it crashes xp

    Which is the bigger flop: a browser that seems not to want to install on an operating system (XP) that was designed 14 years ago, or a system running an operating system (SP2) that hasn't seen an official security update in nearly 4 years?

  • opera since the other browsers work ok

    btw this is a new hd and reinstalled with the lenovo dics and 1
    update was done . the time change.
    xp sp3 was on my other hd and xp sp2 is faster
    so waiting for windows 10 since 8.1 is not to my liking/
    to the other guy who said windows 7 needs 2 gigs of ram
    he is wrong.

  • opera since the other browsers work ok

    Well, I hate to break this to you, but if one of your other browsers happens to be Chrome, WinXP SP2 support for it ends this April. How much longer Mozilla will support new Firefox version on SP2 in not known. It's not that Opera is a flop... it's that the whole world has moved a long, long way in the 14 years XP has existed, and it'll only keep moving further away from SP2.


    On April 8, 2014, after more than a decade of powering many of the world’s computers, Windows XP will officially retire. Like all technologies that come to their end-of-life, the XP operating system and most of its desktop applications will no longer receive updates and security patches. Since unpatched browser bugs are often used by malware to infect computers, we’re extending support for Chrome on Windows XP, and will continue to provide regular updates and security patches until at least April 2015.

    until at least April 2015.

    do you think google likes to loose customers.
    opera dont care

  • You are, of course, welcome to use your OS as long as you want. Myself, over the years, I've walked very long paths with each of DOS, Win98, and now Win7. In every case, I squeezed the very life out of each OS until such battles became just not worth it (I ran a Win98 system online until late 2010, by which time I could no longer find compatible AV's, new software apps or updates, hardware upgrades/accessories, and so on). So I do understand your point of view.

    But in every case, I also fully realized that software development is always forward-looking toward new and emerging protocols/standards, hardware capabilities and inventions, and new web developments that together can support significant new software features. Rear-looking legacy considerations are always granted grudgingly, but necessarily - up to a point. When that point is reached, usually by a cost vs. benefit analysis, the living market share of such legacy users has been determined to be shrunken to the point where the costs of maintaining legacy software support by that maker outweighs any likely gain from keeping support alive. No two software development outfits will arrive at precisely the same support break-even point, but they will all eventually arrive there.

    Expecting software makers to keep updating, patching, and supporting their software to be compatible with your system for as long as your computer can still pump electrons around is an exercise in futility. It simply isn't going to happen. Right now, the break-point for many software companies is support back to WinXP SP3; for some others, it may still be back to SP2. Either way, it will only diminish rapidly in the next year or two. If you think it through, there have been WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, and soon Win10 versions in between "now" and WinXP SP2. Any remaining XP support is destined to quickly drop away. This is the normal end-of-life experience for OS users.

    So by all means, run your XP system as long as you want. But do so with the solid realization that it must occur within a rapidly shrinking circle of software choices beyond what is already on your system. But please don't complain at software makers for not supporting that choice, should you make it.

  • did you try opera 27.0.1689.69

  • blackbird71

    Your point is well made
    the other day nearly bought a new computer for 440 dollars
    and then decided that if a new computer was purchased it
    pays to buy one for 1000 dollars
    this computer has 1 gig of ram and has the potential for 2 gigs of ram.
    if there were more slots would install windows 7
    processor is only 2.2 ghz

    as far as antivius program using a chinese one and sandboxie

  • bought a new computer with windows 8.1
    returned it the next day
    Net Applications’ NetMarketshare numbers for January show the number of Windows 7 users at 55.92 percent, which is near their 11-month high of 56.41 percent. And the number of users of Windows XP—whose share had plunged to 13.57 percent last November—are back up to 18.93 percent of the total.

  • If you look at the Oct and Nov stats for both WinXP and Win8.1, they clearly fall outside their otherwise trendlines, and seem to revert to trend in Dec 2014. Since in the rest of the almost-year's coverage, that kind of ripple is unique, I wouldn't put too much stock in what occurred there as being indicative of anything other than an aberration caused by pre-Holiday new computer sales. In other words, XP continues its steady decline from the 20's of % into the upper teens, while Win 8.1 continues its glacially-slow increase from the low single-digits to just under 10%. Win 7, has probably reached and sits at its all-time peak. The wild card yet to come, of course, will be Win10 impact when it finally emerges and in whatever final form.