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Rearrange Columns in Opera Email possible?

  • Even if it has to be done by editing prefs files, can it be done? I'd like to switch the order of the FROM and Subject columns for all mail folders.

  • Can you right click on the headings and select a "customise>appearance" option?
    If so select that and you may well be able to drag the columns to reorder them.

  • I can reorder them, same as I did in Opera 12 - but no, it isn't drag and drop.

    I saved it in my Opera 12 Notes, let me open the file and see ... ah, there it is.

    There is a section in Opera's preferences file named [Columns] which saves the state and width of the various columns in any of the UI table views ... the entry I copied looks like this:

    Mail View=0, 25600, 1, 1, 44283, 1, 2, 63786, 1, 3, 31205, 1, 4, 14914, 1, 5, 51200, 1, 6, 22027, 1

    Makes no sense to most people I'm sure, but to me there are three items of data per column which are some sort of index to the field for that column, the column width, and the column state (visible or hidden) as follows

    | Field 0 | width 25600 | visible |
    | Field 1 | width 44283 | visible |


    Changing the first number changes which field is shown in that column, the other two numbers can be changed in the UI.

    Obviously all this only applies to the single-line view, if you have the message on the right and two line mode then I have no idea.

  • Sorry to be pedantic here, but are you both talking about Opera (the browser) or Operas Email? Opera Email is what the question is about. Opera Email has neither a Customize menu when you right-click a column nor can you drag the columns to re-order them.

  • I'm talking either - and I did say you couldn't drag them. If you right-click on the column headings you do get a menu with a series of checkboxes which can be used to hide columns you don't need. If you hover over the line between any two headings you can drag that to resize a column ... but you can't drag the headings to move columns. Editing the [Columns] section in the operaprefs.ini file is the only way to change the relative positions of columns, if you want to put the Subject column first for example.