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New Adobe flash player upgrade causes Opera 26.0 to crash

  • Okay I did just as you instructed, restarted my computer and opened my browser and it crashed. It recovered then posted this....Opera has just recovered from a crash. We've just recovered from a crash, but to do it we had to disable your extensions and wipe out your session. You can try to enable the extensions again in Extensions Manager. Sorry! If I don't go in and disable it it just keeps on crashing every time I open the browser.

  • If I don't go in and disable it it just keeps on crashing every time I open the browser.

    When you say "it" are you meaning the PPAPI Flash Player plugin?
    Is the browser completely stable if you have it disabled?

  • When I say "it" I'm referring to Opera. It crashes as fast as it recovers from the previous crash, (every few seconds). After doing that about 2 or 3 times Opera automatically disables it now. Yes, once Flash is disabled it's smooth sailing I'm just not able to watch videos on facebook or do anything on

  • So it appears that any version of Flash, NPAPI or PPAPI, causes your Opera to repeatedly crash.
    That is very strange indeed, as no-one else to my knowledge has reported this.
    What extensions do you have installed, if any?

  • NPCIG.dll , Chrome PDF Viewer , Windows Presentation Foundation , QuickTime Player (5) , Adobe Reader , Java(TM) (2) , Google Update , iTunes Application Detector , and Silverlight

  • Go to 'O-Menu / Extensions /' and what do you see there ?.

  • It says, "No extensions installed".

  • Try disabling all 'Plugins' temporarily, except the Adobe Flash Player Player PPAPI.

  • I went in and disabled all the plug ins and then went back and enabled Flash. My computer "blinked" and Flash was once again automatically disabled. 😞

  • I have previously been a frequent user of the Opera browser, but now it is not pleasant to use anymore. I have to deal with a lot of pop-ups and when you want to watch a video, this does not work with Adobe Flash Player.

  • Please try this:

    1. Uninstall all flasplayers on your Windows
    2. Read
    3. Get Flashplayer uninstaller from
    4. Start Flashplayer uninstaller
    5. Read
    6. Download current flashplayer from
    7. Run install_flash_player_ppapi
  • I've been experiencing the same thing. At first, when I have opened Opera, the first five minutes were just crashing if I would try to load pages. Now, things are getting worse.
    My Flash Player version is, PPAPI, but I had to deactivate it. And I thought at first it was the Stash, but Stash takes just some time to load, no problems.

    I remember before the last updates, it wasn't that bad (maybe one or other time)
    Sorry for reviving this post...

    Another question: I have QuickTime and other plugins as NPAPI, does it make any problem??

  • Crashes with old Flash Player may be a malware issue.
    .287 is not the current and safe Flash Player version. ist the current one without security holes!

  • @gwen-dragon
    I updated it and it's still causing me troubles.
    Which program do you recomend me to test if there are any malwares?
    (Except Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, because since its new version, it deleted some important dlls and system files)

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