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Opera Developer 28.0.1719.0 crashing

  • My two PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 8 both have their Opera Developer auto-updated to 28.0.1719.0 today.
    But the updated version would freeze when I attempt to search strings on any web page via Ctrl-F.

    Basically as soon as I press Ctrl-F, Opera Developer 28.0.1719.0 would freeze (except on the speed dial screen).

    Anyone else has this problem?

  • Also pressing "." key (which is another shortcut key for find function with advanced keyboard shortcut turned on) also crashes the browser.

  • It's a known bug, look under "Known issues" in this post:

  • Thanks for the info.

    I know this is developer release not Opera Stable release but I wonder why Opera would release a new version with this bug unfixed because this is a very annoying bug.

  • Perhaps it was hard to find what was behind the bug, and they didn't want to delay the release of opera 28 just because of one bug. (Otherwise we maybe had to wait until after Christmas)

  • "First it giveth, then it taketh away" 🙂

    I hope devs will issue quick fix (before christmas) - has happened before.

    There need not to be wondering about such bugs slipping into alpha/dev releases - everybody is busy testing latest fixes and improvements and new features and rechecking every old and trusted function is not priority. Our software team has sometimes 'introduced' trivial bugs even into latest betas, which should usually be bug-free.

  • We knew about the issue but with so many people in the office leaving for the holidays this was the last real chance to put out a developer build. It was decided that it was better to provide this than leave everything with nothing. This is a developer build after all (not even a beta) so it can have known issues.

    If it really bothers you, run beta which is more recent version than the previous developer or you can try this workaround.

    P.S. We have already fixed this internally but it was too late for the blog post. I doubt we will do another developer release next week however as we are down to skeletal staff during the holiday period.

  • Thank you for quick response and possible workaround!

    And no, it doesn't bother me, our long-awaited IDcard support in new dev release outweighs all such minor nu(is)ances anyway 😉