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Flash Player plugin won't let me switch resolutions in YouTube videos any more...

  • Hi. I just noticed that even when I switch my YouTube videos to fullscreen they will stay at a resolution of 360 and when I try to manually switch to 720 or 1080 I get a black screen and then an error message.

    This is a problem that only occurs in Opera. Different browser (Mozilla), same version of the Flash plugin -- smooth switching to HD on going to fullscreen.

    If I manage to switch to HD before the video starts playing (such as when there's an ad first and there's time for that) then the video will play in high-def. But once it's running in one resolution I won't be able to switch to any other resolution during playback -- not HD, not SD.

    It's not an HTML5 problem. That's switched off in the YouTube settings.

    What's going on here? Does anyone else have the same problem? Like I said, it doesn't happen in Mozilla, so what could Opera be doing to prevent the Flash plugin from switching between resolutions...?

  • Which version of Opera? I had no problems switching resolution with Opera 19.

  • Says version 12.16. Windows 7. It used to work fine before; I only noticed the problem yesterday, of the resolution not changing when switching to fullscreen and the screen going black when changing it manually. I hadn't updated Opera or Flash recently. I looked for updates for both Flash and the browsers AFTER I noticed the problem, downloaded the latest version of Flash, just in case, updated Mozilla; Opera told me it was the latest version. But it didn't change anything. Flash is version 12,0,0,43, in both Opera and Mozilla, and it's working in Mozilla and it's not working in Opera.

    I just tested a page with an EMBEDDED HD YouTube video, and that one would work fine. It would be 360 in the window on the page and then automatically scale up to 720 when I switched to fullscreen. Then I switched to the SAME video on the YouTube page and it would stay at 360 and go black if I tried to change resolution manually, as per my bug complaint.

  • Clear or cookies ?.

  • That worked. Clearing out the cookies on Site Preferences worked.

    Thank you very much, LinuxMint7!

    What did cookies have to do with that? I don't get it.

    But whatever. Thanks a lot!