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  • Hello All!
    I'm glad to announce that this morning we have released a first beta build of Opera 27. Here's what's new:
    <li>Improvements for downloads</li>
    <li>New design for some UI elements</li>
    <li>New app icon</li>
    <li>Chromium version update to 40</li>
    <li>Various stability and usability improvements</li>

    Update is available on Google Play, please download it and leave us a feedback as usual.

  • Thanks!

  • Why not a download link from forums to Google Store? I like the "forums" brand.

  • i don't know what change caused this, but opera beta now horribly mutilates the mobile view of
    the page used to display correctly, but now it loads the page using twice the width of my screen and without the ability to zoom.
    this means everything is cut off as if I'm trying to view a desktop page while zoomed in and without text reflow.

  • What is the most common thing you see in opera android or opera beta browser?

    An image of a sad yellow cat.

    But seriously, it is the result if nearly every third "clik" or every third try to open a website. No matter if it is facebook, or any international/national website.

    And there are still problems when you want to upload an image to facebook or image hosting sites.

  • And the password manger is still a disaster. Forgets passwords, forgets that i dont want opera to remember a password. What are those develooers developing at opera?
    Browser eats up ram, orange coloured cat with error on message very third clicking, cache error after sending opera to background and bringing it back to active....
    It took years to have a sync option...what happened?

  • The problem is not Opera.. The problem is "chromium" every new version have bugs and glitches and Opera don't have time to adapt application to every new chromium engine.. And after much much version there is no improve stll same problems over and over agen.. No stability fix no html5 video quality improve.. The speed is not priority anymore. OPERA dont have money and resources to compare with apple google Microsoft .. But the idea and communication with users makes Opera strong in the past.. Now communication doesn't work.. If you make question should opera continue to work in chromium engine more than 60% will say NO.. Today people still love and use more Opera mini and Opera classic vs Opera browser.. I think is time to say goodbye to chromium and bring something new something different to be special ..

  • @mele1986 When Opera is based on the same v like Chrome beta I would say that Opera Mobile (beta) is stable. Btw, don't take the Google's name in vain. 🙂

  • opera is good and fast browser . but in few days iam facing problems like failed to transcode url . what is this error please short out this problem. I see this problem for first time on .

  • @nickamit That error occur (in a tendentious manner I would say) mostly on cheap sites like (under 40 bucks worth). ☕