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homepage and neat icons near address bar

  • Hi! how do I go to homepage like in early versions of Opera? When there was a house icon.
    How do I add icons near address bar with my most needed pages?
    Thank you.

  • It's a very stripped down browser with hardly any options, you could probably put a link to it on the bookmarks bar then rename it "Home". In the newer versons of Opera "Home" is considered the speed dial page.

  • Thanks, that's what I thought. In that case one ends up having a largely unnecessary bar and a largely unnecesssary long address line above it.
    What do I lose if I go back a few versions, and how many versions back should I go?

  • Well, if you go back to anything above 15 (which still don't support adding/changing icons), you will automatically be updated to the latest version, unless you (unofficially) disable the update process.

    The last (and still supported) version that allows (GUI) customisation is Opera 12.17, and is based on the old Presto engine, which was the only engine Opera used before the transition (complete re-write) to the Blink (Chromium) engine.

    You can get it from here if you choose to use it.

    The link contents are as follows:

    • en = English language version, and contains two versions to choose from to download, 32bit and 64bit.

    • int = International language version, and contains various supported languages, and also contains two versions to choose from to download, 32bit and 64bit.

  • Thank you for advice and expertise!

  • Also, if going back to 12.17, the usual caveats apply: that version is based on technology at least 2 years old and some users are running into website incompatibility issues (largely due to sites browser-sniffing and not supporting it in their site code - or, worse, intentionally blocking it); also, no more feature updates will ever be included in it - so what you see is all you get. As currently understood, 12.17 is free from security issues. Depending on the sites you routinely visit, you may or may not notice any compatibility problems... so, as with any potential browser-of-interest, try it out and see if it works for you.