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Opera Privacy Policy statement

  • Hello all, I searched around and didnt find anybody discussing this.

    Today I noticed this phrase in the Opera privacy policy: (

    "The software also creates a unique ID that is linked to your computer. This unique ID is processed with the sole purpose to measure marketing campaigns and distribution partners."

    I am not sure I understand the intent of this line and couldnt find any email to the company, so I am posting here hoping for some official statements, or maybe comments from others who have had official statements.

    In short, what I read here, is that Opera creates a tracking ID per browser installation. They use this ID to track down where ADs are exposed to you. This tells me that they are doing some significant data collection of my browser's exposure to the Internet and I suspect that this would also mean there is some monetary gain from this (otherwise why would they do it?)

    Alternatively, are they simply tracking from where you downloaded the browser software so they know how their advertising campaigns on getting Opera Browser out there.. maybe?


  • I think it is what you have said, they track that ID to see where Opera was downloaded and maybe the system. you don't need to worry about.