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[FAQ] How is synchronization coming along?

  • I know, I know...I do that, but again there is no Opera Mini bookmarks.

    They will be (or should be) among the others, there won't be a separated folder for Mini bookmarks afaik.

    And btw, which version of Mini? The feature only works in Mini 8 and newer.

  • My Opera Mini is 7.6.4.

    On my old computer with Win XP and with installed latest Opera Browser it works, but on Win 10 TP not show Opera Mini Bookmarks. I don't know what is a problem...

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me if it is possible to synchronize bookmarks from Opera v. 28.0.1750.40 in my computer (pc) to use all of this bookmarks on my Windows Phone? (WP 8.1 on Lumia 830)

    If it is possible, can you explain me how to do?

    I try, Doing this:
    1 - I logging to my Opera account on the option of Opera v.28 in my computer.
    2 - I install Opera Mini beta (v.7.6.8; the only version available on Windows Store) on my Lumia 830 running under WP8.1
    3 - On Opera Mini, i clic on Settings -> Opera Link -> i loggin to my account; and a message confirm that the sync is done.

    But nothing works. No bookmarks are installed on my lumia 830 (Windows Phone v8.1) I don't understand why it doesn't works.

    Thanks a lot to your help.

    Best regards

  • Why have Opera removed the link to Opera Link in both the browser and now on the website too? I need access to my bookmarks and notes.

  • Why have Opera removed the link to Opera Link in both the browser and now on the website too?

    Which website? And to access Link just go to

  • On this website there used to be link in the top left drop down menu, and also in the browser too.

  • On this website there used to be link in the top left drop down menu

    I really don't remember have seen it here.

    and also in the browser too.

    It was before sync have been enabled by default. disable sync in opera:flags andyou can get thelink back i guess.

  • This all is such a pitty; not supporting Opera Link anymore but not giving a working alternative right now - The logic behind that does not make sense at all. I am still running Opera 12.17 because any newer Version does not provide the functionality I need to work.

    In "the good old" days I always wondered why OPERA has so little market impact although it is so inventive. Since Version 13 I wonder how someone could still use this crap.

    I chose OPERA 10 years ago because I was dissatisfied with the "mainstraemers" IE and FF; maybe It's time for me to switch yet another time since Opera 12 is getting more issues with recent web content

    R.I.P Opera

  • Why have Opera removed the link to Opera Link in both the browser and now on the website too?

    Which website? And to access Link just go to

    Why can I never access this page? The constant error message about a 'Token' is a joke.

  • Same same, the Opera sign in just simply comes and goes, one day you're logged in, then another day you get this "token" rubbish..!

    I have Win8.1 on a new Toshiba Qosmio lappi.

    Some answers Opera please...!

  • when will the sync. of speed dial work?????

  • when will the sync. of speed dial work?????

    It works in Opera 30 and iirc in 29 too.

    Note that you need to go to bookmarks manager to see a folder with speed dials from other devices.

  • I still don't understand. When two devices are synced I expect to see exactly the same thing on both devices. The speed dial tiles on my laptop (Windows 7) do not appear on my phone (htc one m8 android 4) even though both devices are synced. I never really use bookmarks I use speed dial frequently.

  • I am using Opera 31 and the sync option has become a mess. Now I have multiple duplicate bookmark folders and also the bookmarks inside the folders are randomly duplicated. Same issue with speed dial wich I tried to clean manually, only to find later when I reopen the browser that there are even more instances of the items I deleted.

  • @jchelo21

    I recommend that you only log in with your sync account on stable versions of Opera, both on your mobile and on your computer. If you want to test new features in Beta/Developer that requires sync, I suggest that you create a second account that you use only for testing.

  • I have the exact same problems as @jchelo21. And I'm using a stable build (Opera 30 Stable (30.0.1835.55472)) 😕

  • I would like to point out that changing bookmark folder name case will generate duplicates for other connected PC-s.

  • Had to handover my old laptop due to new job. Next issue led me to this forum post. All bookmarks that was part of the bookmarks bar seems to be lost. The Import function doesn't list the Opera account as an option. The bookmarks are not visible at my Opera account. I don't have access to my old machine any more. Are the bookmarks in the Opera cloud just not visible? How long after logging on a new machine and Opera account until all bookmarks have been synced?

    Previous laptop: Opera 30.0
    New laptop: Opera 30.0

  • FYI - in O31 things seem to be broken the same way as in O30. No way to propagate full set of bookmarks from one device to others.

  • First, I notice people using this syntax:

     Opera menu > More Tools > 

    but in Opera 31 which I just started using I don't see that option.

    Feature request: I would like to be able to do selective syncing for example just bookmarks (and no tabs).

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