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Things I can't find since new install

  • Very likely I'm overlooking the obvious here but... (new install of v. 26.0.1656.24)

    Is there a menu bar? How do I find it? (I sometimes post on forums where right click cut, copy, paste don't work and can only be done from Edit tab in Menu bar. Plus other things via menu bar are useful - file, view, tools).

    Also I had a sidebar with quick access to bookmarks, history, notes etc - I probably wouldn't recall how I got it there in previous install but I've got no clue in this one.

    Thanks, Ken

  • Is there a menu bar?


    Also I had a sidebar with quick access to bookmarks, history, notes etc

    No panels in Opera Blink (Opera 15+).

  • After "Updating" Opera and discovering my email disappeared I deleted the "Update" and reloaded Opera 12. Email capability is back but I still haven't located earlier mail. MAJOR DISRUPTION !!! I like Opera Mail so well I am going to try to recover but I am seriously looking at other browsers. I really don't understand the reasoning behind the change. Without the integrated email Opera is just another browser. With it Opera is a marvel of efficiency.

  • I liked "Note" and it's right click option to to send selected text to "Note". I liked having the quick access bar to History, Bookmarks, Notes. I liked the right click encyclopedia and dictionary option (after people here told me how to get it to stop accessing Russian versions and source English language (but never again shall I go to so much trouble)). I'm finding password manager is inconsistent in offering the option to save them.

    In summary I'm finding that the reasons I liked Opera are no longer there. I may go back to the older version I was using - I'd done a complete uninstall because it had been getting slow and difficult - too much of the time responding with Not Responding. But it may be time for me to move on and try something else.

  • I am also missing the Menu Bar. And I don"t like the side Bar. And surely re-learning how to use Opera just because a developer had mood for a new or a different look will be my lowest priority. Downgrading for now. See no advantages in the new version compared to those with Menu Bar.

  • I have zero use for the new opera, it's missing all the features (12.17) that made opera amazing in the first place.

  • Be careful, if you say anything bad about opera they will suspend your account here real quick. I was just reading some posts by a user by the name of "setara" and now all of their posts are gone and when I click on their name it says "Error - The page you are looking for could not be found".

    Nice to know we can voice our concerns here freely.

  • Not true. Now, if you make 6 posts in a couple of hours without anything constructive to say ...

    (And don't bother trying to pretend you're not setara - we can see IP addresses that people post from.)

    If you want to voice a concern about Opera - do so. So far, you have not.