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Photography Enthusiasts' Thread

  • Not sure if I have an underlying fetish for tall buildings ?, but anyway here is another one.

    This was taken from another building I work in, over on Canary Wharf island, of the HSBC (Bank) building.

    The picture was mainly taken because the building appears a lot taller (because of its shape ?) than it actually is (42 floors).

    HSBC Tower

  • Beautiful beach but where are the swimmers? Is the water warm there?

    In July, the water is cold. I took this pic before swimmers show up.

  • @linuxmint7: that shot is amazing, particularly because of the perspective. Can you imagine being a window washer there? LOL 🙂

    @sidney: I always thought ocean water in Brazil would be warm. I'm surprised that it can be cold as well.

  • It is in the summer 🙂

  • Sky Wheel in Niagara Falls, Canada.

  • Elora, Ontario. Son lives in the region.

  • Old Fort Stevens. They say it is haunted. All I can say is: it gives you the creeps when you walk inside its tunnels.

  • What's your camera, Leushino?

  • I have a few, joshl. Currently I have a Sony RX100 which I absolutely love and a Nikon D90. Some of the images were taken with a Nikon D3200 and a Panasonic FZ200 but I got rid of both of these cameras and in truth, I seldom use my Nikon D90 anymore (it's too bulky and heavy). The Sony RX100 is small and easy to travel with so it has become my main camera. My wife liked it so much that I bought one for her as well. We also both use our Windows Phones (HTC 8x) for some grab shots when our cameras aren't with us. In a couple of months our contracts are up so we're considering the Lumia 830. We can't get the Lumia 930 here.

  • A picture of the Shard (building) and the surrounding area in London Bridge, taken (with my Nokia 808 Pureview phone) from one of the buildings I work in.

    I like your sky, Linux.
    Natural colours... :wizard:

  • In a couple of months our contracts are up so we're considering the Lumia 830.

    What contracts?

    The Sony RX100 is small and easy to travel with so it has become my main camera.

    :yes:, the main tip to make good photos is not an advanced camera - but a camera that is with you.

  • We can buy the smart phones outright OR we can buy them over a period of time by contracting with the carrier (i.e. AT&T or Verizon). This locks us into a contract with the carrier for a period of time (i.e. two years) but allows us to buy the phone in monthly payments. The upside of this is you are not stung upfront with a bill for $1500. The downside is you are locked into two years with that carrier and with that phone. Granted, you can break the contract but there is a hefty financial penalty to pay for doing so. With the Lumia 830, however, we'll probably just buy two of them outright since they're not terribly expensive.

    I agree... the best camera is the camera that is "with you" so that you do not lose photo opportunities. However... given the choice between my Sony RX100 and my smartphone, I'll choose the Sony every time.

  • Fort Clatsop is an early American fort in Oregon very close to our home. We walked through it recently and I grabbed several images. Here is the fort and one of the guides dressed in period costume.

  • Cape Disappointment:

  • Coastline about 25 minutes from our home.

  • A park in Seattle where our son lives with his family.

  • On our last visit to Kauai, we enjoyed this beach in Lihue. The water was bath warm and crystal clear.

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