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  • It looks pretty's flat and simple and I personally like that.

    However it lacks two features:

    1. Possibility to change site icon by yourself and to customize.
    2. Resize option.
  • Hi @entity777: Regarding point 2, you can read about it here - before you make any changes in the "Preferences" file, make a copy of it, e.g. "Preferences-copy", so that in case, when you make an error in the syntax, you can override the "Preferences" file with its copy. 😉

  • And what's wrong with thumbnails, the way ithe Speed Dial was before. They're more attractive, work better with Opera's themes and wallpaper, and make it easier to distinguish between several links in the same Speed dial folder that are being saved. And let's have the ability to have the names of the folders, as we have with the thumbnail speed dial. If it ain't broke, don't go fixing it. Change for the sake of change is pretty empty. For me, the Experimental Speed Dial is a huge disappointment, and 10 steps back from the classic thumbnail Speed Dial Opera had as its default before.

  • I really don't like it, and for one big reason:

    A lot of the pages in my speed dial don't set a favicon. This is true at home to some extent, but especially at work where I have internal pages or HTML files on network shares in my speed dial. With the OLD speed dial, I can quickly figure out which site is which, and the page TITLE is shown prominently if two sites look too similar. With the new speed dial, all I get is a meaningless icon with a snippet of the URL. This does NOT help distinguish between two sites.

    It's even worse when two sites have the SAME favicon. For example, I have two separate Google Groups sites in my speed dial. The new look is useless for that.

    I LIKE the look and feel. But replacing thumbnails and text with icons is not helpful at all. For now there is a "return to the old speed dial" button, but it seems like something not planned to be supported indefinitely.

    PLEASE provide a setting to bring the thumbnails back to the new speed dial, or at least support the old speed dial for as long as you stick to the "icons only" fad in the new speed dial.