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Opera 25 I cant find some of settings

  • How can I change history settings in Opera 25. In Opera 12 I can adjust number of sites to remember and even disable history. In new version I dont have any chance to do that. How I change this or if I can import my settings from Opera12 or I need just go back to old opera cause this new sucks?

  • Unfortunately the "new" Opera doesn't (yet) have many of the functions that were there and taken for granted in the "old" Opera.
    Configuring the history is one of them I'm afraid.
    It is a bit of a mystery to me why you can't even turn it off, something I would have thought was fundamental for privacy.
    You can't even make it automatically clear when the browser is closed AFAIK, you can only do it manually.

  • You might find some help with the History Eraser extension.

    Now on disabling history, if you use Private Mode, history stops recording. You can't do everything you could in Opera 12, but on the other hand, with extensions (many of which were not available in Opera 12), you can do many things better. So it's for some people 6 of one and 1/2 dozen of the other.

    Now there's no point complaining. Opera Blink (which has nice features not in Presto) (speed dial with folders, Discover, Stash, sort of . . . ) (and greater speed, better able to access more sites), etc. is the one being worked on, not Opera presto. The past is past, gone, lost and by the wind grieved. Or not grieved by some. Now, at this moment it's either Opera Blink, keep using Presto (though it's not being worked on) or try another browser.

  • Glad to hear that the history functionality can be restored to some extent with an extension, like so many other things can be, but I'm still very puzzled as to why the ability to disable recording of history, and clearing it on exit, are not included natively.
    A omission that I can't see any reason for IMO.

  • Wait, it is disabled if you use private mode. Now in non-private mode, I think clearing on exit would be good. Now when you move to a different browser engine (such as Presto to Chromium Blink), everything has to be re-programmed from scratch. So, it's not just a question of would this be good, but what are the essential to-do priorities. And there, I think, other items are, perhaps, more important. Further along, this feature could easily be picked up. Still, in private mode, no history. So if you don't want history, that's the mode to use.

  • That's fine, but can you start the browser in private mode, with a command switch perhaps?
    If not, to have to open it and then manually open a private window to do your browsing if you don't want your history kept is not really very intuitive.

  • That's fine, but can you start the browser in private mode, with a command switch perhaps?

    For Chrome there's --incognito, don't know if it (or something similar) would work with Opera.

  • It doesn't seem to unfortunately, that would have been a good workaround.

  • Hi @davehawley, of course, you can run the Opera as follows: "...\launcher.exe" --private 😉

  • Ah, thank you, I'm glad there's something that will do it!
    OP, that's your workaround for now!

  • If you use Windows 7, you can drag Opera private mode to the task bar, and easily open from it. I'm not at my desktop now, or I would provide more detail on that.

  • I have something for you, better than chrome's Incognito and opera's private mode.
    You just need to install this extension and next time you want your browser to note to record history just click on extension's icon in toolbar.
    Yhis extension is better than any other extension.
    install it here

  • Wow, that looks super, metodeep.