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  • No matter how many times I search, I can't find an answer for this problem. Everything in Opera, and I mean EVERYTHING is in Italics. This is the most obnoxious thing I have ever encountered. I migrated to Opera to get away from BS browser issues like this that I had with Firefox and Chrome. It's even more frustrating with my already bad eyesight. I now have to spend longer reading emails and other things because these forced italics are making things much more difficult to read.

    What do I need to do to make the text display properly again? I'll learn encoding and cmd prompt things if I have to.

  • Preferences --> the tab "Web Pages" - the lower half.
    Such font settings there are in any browser, or at least I had no issues with some.
    Check them.
    Are you the administrator on your PC? make the text display properly again...

    You mean it used to be different? With which browsers?

  • No doubt he/she means in Opera.

    If you're using Opera 24 or later, try Settings > Websites. Under Display, there's a dropdown for Font size and next to that a button Customize fonts ... make sure the fonts listed are not italic. (There is no specific checkbox for italic, but some fonts may be only italic.) If it's not that, it would have to be some add-on you installed causing it.

  • I've tried the font display thing you suggested, sgunhouse, since I wasn't exactly sure what joshl was talking about. Times New Roma, Verdana, Century, Arial and many other fonts display normally (being not italic) in that setting box, but in all italics everywhere else. The only add-ons I have are AdBlocker, Tumblr Savior, and Similar Image Search.

    If it helps, I have Opera 25.0.

  • You were saying "again" - did it happen in other browsers?

  • It only happened in Google Chrome. I don't really use that browser much--other members of my family do. And everything there is all italicized too.

    Firefox is the only unaffected browser, but it had too many other problems. I'd prefer to keep using Opera. It's the easiest browser to use out of all the ones I've tried. But I can't if it hurts my eyes to read anything. =T

  • Are you the administrator on your machine?
    What is your operating system?

  • I am. My OS is Windows 7 home premium.

    I don't think it's anything wrong with the OS, because Internet Explorer and Firefox have normal, non-italic text. They were all set to the same font type, Verdana too.

  • I don't think it's anything wrong with the OS...

    Me neither, but I was thinking of a however low but still probability that a certain Windows version/build could not be "friends" with certain... I don't know.

    As you're saying other browsers are o'k, and offline documents are o'k too - aren't they? So I think what?
    You said Chrome too, right?
    So if it's (only) nuOpera and Chrome - then as long as they share things, it might be an extention/plugin you or somebody else had got for Google Chrome and that it happened that it (unknowingly for you then) proved itself incompatible with Chrome in a certain way.
    If you even uninstalled Chrome, certain apps might've survived and remained on your machine active, and now they might've applied themselves to your nuOpera - and the same way corrupted something in its performance*:idea:*
    Did you (or somebody else) tinker with Google Chrome's files or like that - maybe trying to adjust some styles/user CSS? :sherlock: