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What was done to Opera 25 that crashed pages regularly?

  • from a technical standpoint can someone explain to me what v25 did over v24 that made my old pentium 4 pc with 2GB RAM crash so often? By crash, I just mean opera pages themselves crashed constantly and I had to restart opera time and time again.

    Here is what I noticed. First off, some info.

    1. My old PC: Dell Dimension P4 with 2GB RAM on XP

    2. I disabled paging file in XP to make opera fly which it did with Opera 24. Was just amazing and stable. I did this as this PC won't accept a SSD, so I'm stuck with a clumpy HDD.

    3. With Opera 24 and paging file disabled, I could easily hear very few read/writes to HDD.

    4. With Opera 25, could hear constant and tedious read/writes to HDD even with page file disabled.

    Of course I will revert back to 24 for the old PC, but I'm hoping to understand what was done technically to opera 25 to cause so much HDD activity even though I disabled the paging file.

    Also, I have built two newer systems with i5-4690 with 16GB RAM and they are running great on v25, but I may revert them also back to v24 as both those systems I have disabled paging file on Win-7, 64 bit as they are both running only SSD's and I want to limit read/writes to the SSD's.