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[25.0.1614.50] Issues with Opera, Plug-ins and behavior. How do I report helpful bug-reports?

  • Hi,
    my biggest issue with the new ChromeOpera is that I have no-clue how to optain error-logs, log-files and hard info on issues and bug I encounter.

    The Version 24 was atleast semi-stable and I was able to do my daily work, but since the auto-update (how to deactivate?) to V25 a lot of important stuff is rendered useless and broken.
    How do I help people here on the Forum and within Opera to help me?

    There are a lot of pressing issues I face right now and some solutions would be great. On a sidenote, I'm not a big fan of work-arounds or additional stuff, as Opera had everything I ever needed from the start.

    So help me, to help you - help us all.


  • What is broken?

  • good question.
    apparently an "unknown" plug-in

    If I could open an error-console or other helpful tools, I'd love to assist.

  • ...but since the auto-update (how to deactivate?)...

    They say you shall rename your update file or like that.

  • ...but since the auto-update (how to deactivate?)...

    They say you shall rename your update file or like that.

    And where would I find that?

  • I didn't try to remember that - you could browse this board to find out 😛
    Sorry, dude 🍺

    Well, I've found something (you can keep the beer;).:whistle:

  • since the auto-update (how to deactivate?)

  • Thank you for the answers.
    I renamed the autoupdater file.
    Was a bitch to find as according to the new Win 7 search option if I type in autoup.exe I do not have any exe which is remotely related to that search-string.

    And to make sure, I added the environment variable "OPERAAUTOUPDATEDISABLED" Value: 1

    So I changed the name, and found that I have folder named "24.0.1558.64" with the same size as the as Version 25 folder. So I do I revert back to the previous version?

    Thanks in advance

  • So I do I revert back to the previous version?

    Delete the 25.0.1614.50 folder, it should work. If necessary, edit installation_status.xml to point to the correct folder.

  • Sorry, it took me a while to test that out.
    So I moved the 25.0... folder to a different partition, found the .._status.xml and changed the version number and version path address in it.

    Clicked the launcher and waited a long time, the a message box appeared telling me
    "you can't use your user profile and data with this version as it is from a newer version"
    clicking ok caused Opera to crash.

    re-moving the 25.0.. folder and renaming the paths in the xml file loaded the 25 version again, but heck it is even way more slower than before.

  • As this roll-back to a previous version was not working at all.
    Can someone tell me if its "save" to use the new version of Opera now?
    Can I atleast roll-back to the 25.0.1614.50 Version that I have now? Or is there a way to have both versions at the same time so I could safely delete the new one if it should be as a nuisance as the 25.0.1614.50 one.

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