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  • It’s now been over a year since Opera switched to a Chromium engine and stopped developing Presto. A year is a pretty long time in the modern web world, and many web services have set new requirements that browsers need to face. To make sure our users get the best out of the web, we’ve begun offering some of our Presto users a chance to upgrade to Opera 25.

    With this upgrade, users can choose to install the latest version without losing Opera 12 from their computers. If they opt to upgrade to Opera 25, some data - such as bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords, and sessions - will be automatically imported to Opera 25. However, some other data, not supported in Opera 25, will be accessible from external sources:

    Your Opera Mail emails will stay safe within your Opera 12 (or lower) build. You can also download the standalone version of Opera Mail from, and move all your emails there. Opera Mail is now focused on one thing only - handling email better and faster than ever.
    When you upgrade your browser to Opera 25, your notes will be available in an HTML file that appears automatically on your desktop.

    All your IRC client data will stay safe within your Opera 12 (or lower) build. There are also many good standalone IRC clients in the market, such as mIRC.

  • Why is this here twice?!

  • I'm glad to see so many like Opera 25.

    I just ran a speed test with a simple kitchen timer measuring only whole seconds. To see how long from hitting the Opera 12.17 icon on my task bar to my and the same with Opera 25. The results using Sandboxie and not using it:

    Opera 12.17 unsandboxed: 4 seconds. Sandboxed: 6 seconds.

    Opera 25 unsandboxed: 8 seconds. Sandboxed: 14 seconds.

    Once on my start page I typed in "google". The page with Google as the top link appeared after 2 seconds in Opera 12.17 and after 1 second in Opera 25.

    I repeated each test a few times.

    Sandboxie deletes the bookmark blocks in Speed Dial after closing Opera 25. So unless you surf unsandboxed in 25 your Speed Dial bookmarks will not be there the next time.
    (Maybe there is a way to set Sandboxie not to delete the Speed Dial bookmarks.)

    I'm not sure how that works in Opera 12.17 Speed Dial sandboxed, as I disabled Speed Dial soon after utilizing Opera some 9 years ago. But Sandboxie leaves my bookmarks list (accessible by tapping on the little yellow star) in 12.17 untouched.

    Not a difficult decision for me to make between using 12.17 or 25. I'm very grateful to the developers for my favorite browser: Opera 12.17.

  • Why is this here twice?!

    So that you asked! :idea:

  • I only intended for my posts to appear in the other thread. No idea why they have appeared here as well... 🙂

  • I've reported that damn' bastard as a double spammer :lol: