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  • I'm having a rather odd problem. When I use Google* to search for something, and click on one of the displayed links, in the majority of cases it's impossible to go back from it to search results page. I tried normal Ctl-LeftArrow, Backspace, clicking the left-pointing arrow at the upper left of Opera's window, and the Back aand Rewind on the right button menu. All of them leave me stuck at the page.

    For a concrete example, search Google for "clean tablet screen". You will get many pages of results, but near the top of the first page (the first item on my search) you'll see a link Click on that, and I'm stuck: nothing takes me back to the results page.

    This is new behavior: I've been using this same Opera version (11.64) for a year or more, upgraded my machine to OpenSuSE 13.1 about 6 months ago, and AFAIK have done nothing that should change system configuration in any significant way. Up to yesterday, links worked as expected: now they don't. Any thoughts as to why?

    *Same thing happens with Bing.

  • PS: Forgot to mention that back works correctly in my older Opera (9.51), so it must be something specific to the 11.64.

  • There could be a weird redirect problem (going back redirects you forward again). Try long-pressing the Back button. Or give Opera 26 developer a try.

  • Note also, some users are reporting Google links opening in a new in a new tab, and of course you can't go Back to a different tab.

  • sgunhouse: I don't think it could be a case of links opening in a new tab, because then I'd see a tab indicator at the top of the screen, and be able to switch between tabs. (Google News does the new tab thing, and does that.) Also, it is not every search results link that does this, just the majority - maybe 2/3 to 3/4.

    aeyoun: By 'long press', do you mean hold down clt-LeftArrow for several seconds? Or hold down mouse button on the left arrow symbol? As for Opera 26, I'm somewhat reluctant to install new versions, because every one seems to feature a significant usability downgrade from the prior one. I still use 9.51 (IMHO the last really usable version) for most of my day-to-day work, the 11.64 because there are some sites that don't work properly (if at all) with it.

  • You double&hold (or left-mouse-click&hold) the "Back" button in your browser window.
    Usually, it must show the tab's history.

  • This very forum tends to have a redirect problem in Opera 12 with the page after you log in.

    The buttons have hidden dropdown menus. To see the menu, you either click and hold the left button. or alternatively drag downwards. (I prefer the second approach since you don't have to wait, just think of it as a pull-down menu.) However there are also keyboard shortcuts to display the menus, if you prefer ...

  • That seems to work. Thanks!