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Reporting and Moderation

  • Black, I have my opinion, and it hasn't changed.
    I'm not gonna overthrow "the government" - then what? I'm staying on my point - that's it.

  • My posts are held for moderation. Hmm.

  • Well, not this one. 😛 Apparently when some URLs are posted.

  • My posts are held for moderation. Hmm.

    Yes, some URLs trigger spam filter automatically. I approved your post.

  • In any case my new post being moderated doesn't overwrite the old one just in time, '1 new' is mentioned but the previous username is still there. 'Some' urls could be all, links from this forum are included.

  • Some real spam links aren't. God knows why...

  • Ask blackbird, he's had some held as well. May be posting mobile and it doesn't like the IP address?

  • Without going into too much detail lest spammy eyes be watching, I've found that keeping most forms of punctuation to a basic minimum is very important. The longer the post, and the more that certain characters accumulate in it, the greater the likelihood it will be trapped as spam. There are certain characters that are more... uhm, sensitive in this regard.

    A couple of URL links seem not to cause trapping problems.

  • Frankly, this is starting to become a nuisance of late. I just attempted to post in the topic, and got trapped (yet again) for moderation. My post contained one at symbol before a username, an Opera version number, four comma's, two hyphens, two apostrophes, and one exclamation point scattered across five ordinary sentences ending with periods. This is the third or fourth such moderation trapping in the last week or so. Maybe the spam filter has been set too restrictively?

    Another problem is that when released, such posts often don't appear in the thread until multiple hours later, by which time their relevancy can appear stale.

  • Hi blackbird, Just seen your post and have approved your other post in the other thread.

    It doesn't look spammy to me, but then again, as you say, maybe the filters are set a little too restrictive.

  • Mine was just helled too. No lengthy - it had the word "Indian" in it though - and a smilie: ;).

  • Black, it may be either lengthy posts or certain words. Or both.
    Or even style/syntax.

    Do you perhaps have something Indian in your blood? 😉

  • Well, I can't even test it - we mods are exempted. I do have to point out though using punctuation (or s p a c e s) inside words is a common trick spammers use to try to avoid keyword filters.

  • Mine was just helled too. No lengthy - it had the word "Indian" in it though - and a smilie: .

    The filtering obviously has to involve a ratio/scoring principle. I've had long posts and short posts both immediately accepted as well as blocked. Both types have had lots of punctuation (I use it for emphasis and expression) and little punctuation, and still been both accepted and held for moderation. I've come to believe that very short sentences as in your one held up above are as problematic as very long, punctuation-rich ones. My guess is that the filter is really looking to pass very typical, ordinary English wording style and bounce all else.

  • Heh. My post just above was held for moderation as well. I slso notice that it carries the time it was released from jail, rather than the 0905 time it was originally posted. It's hard to figure out what might have caused it to be trapped. Maybe @joshl and me are 'chosen ones'.

  • carries the time it was released from jail, rather than the 0905 time it was originally posted.

    Wrong. You didn't post it - you submitted it. So the time of actual posting seems right.

  • Got helled once again - in "Weather" it's veeeery frequent.
    Who else perhaps got helled there? I've a suspicion the Heller doesn't like weather talking much*:)*

  • Too many abbreviations perhaps?

  • If only "C" for "Celsius"? 😛
    A degree sign, of course, then a couple of hyphens - aka minuses, depending on the context, a plus this time...
    No images - save a :yuck: smilie...

  • And "approved" posts don't "show up": only the "new" blamba appears, but I couldn't see my post shown last in that thread from the board (being such) nor upped it the thread by a iota.

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