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  • Maybe there was a storm somewhere, I don't know, but the power went off for maybe less than a second and when it came back my pooter had shut down. So I restarted it and it appeared to be unharmed except for Opera. All the tabs that I had lazily left open because I use them or just to remind me about something had disappeared, not a total disaster then.

    I set to work reopening them whilst I could still remember them and the first indication that all was not well was that the magic wand auto-signin was only remembering the first half of the logins. The important bit, the password, had gone. Now that hurt.

    I realised that there was probably more damaged under the hood so I just took the giant leap and uninstalled the whole thing, restarted and reinstalled Opera via ''. Now I'm stuck with the new Googlemaps, there appears to be no way of going back to the old less cluttered version, AND... I can no longer ask for a notification whenever a site tries to drop a cookie on me. What happened? The only browser I've got now that still allows me to ask for this notification is K-Melion and they've just brought out an update which I am now scared to download...

    Tell me I've just missed something and that the simple 'yes always', 'no always', and 'OK just this once' option is still there somewhere. Or do I have to switch to Tor?

  • You used to have 12.17? You could go back to that if you like, old versions are still available on the FTP site.

  • Did O24 load automatically if you had auto-update turned on? I'm assuming that I'd already been upgraded to it, but if it was something I had to request then I'll be back to O12 in minutes. I don't suppose it will fix the Googlemaps problem, but if it lets me choose to uncookify Google and Amazon that'll be good enough.

  • No, Opera will not automatically update you to the latest (Blink) version of Opera (15 and newer) if you have Opera (Presto) version 12.17 and older installed, even if you have 'Auto-update' enabled. Opera 12.17 and older does not even know the existence of the newest Blink version of Opera, so it is not even possible for it to notify the user that there is a version of Opera newer than 12.17 through the update process.

    This is mainly because of the huge difference between these two versions of Opera, and Opera ASA does not feel that the Blink version is ready enough to replace the Presto version of Opera yet, So will not force the update process on these Presto users. This may change in future though, as Opera Blink matures and Opera ASA deems Opera Blink ready for prime time.

  • Thanks! I'll go and download Presto The Last! I'm such a Luddite...