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1) RAM consumption ? / 2) nrTabs nrOpera.Exe ?

    • Since I switched from Ver12 to 2x, I notice a huge increase of RAM consumption. How comes this, and how can I reduce it?

    • Another thing I dont understand. The number of Tabs opened doesn't correspond to the number of opera.exe. E.g. I have 8 opened tabs, but I find 12 opera.exe in my task bar. How comes this also? Any way to control this as well ?


  • At least one Opera process is used for the user interface; depending on settings certain types of content (animations and such) may use separate processes. There is a commandline switch to make Opera use only one process along with switches in opera://flags for the number of processes that animation-related features may result in, but I really don't know the details here.

  • welcome to Chrome engine, I'd say.
    And thanks for the info about the flags, as all these processes seem rather unnecessary, as Opera 11 and below never really crashed on me 🙂

    posting here, to remind myself to test these settings out.

  • The difference is ... Presto itself could never use more than one core on a multicore processor. If you have a quad core system, Opera 11 itself never uses more than 25% (and possibly another process for plugins). I'm not sure you can even find a current system with a single core processor. But also, if one process gets hung up everything else will continue to work. But there is overhead involved - both in RAM and speed - with multiple processes as well, and if you were running on a single core processor Presto would blast Blink "out of the water".