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I just have 2 user accounts that I can sign into

  • @leocg these two people in the picture never gave me their accounts, emails , or anything.
    My network or computers never show any outside logins or breaks in firewalls.
    I am in IT business myself, I know when things happen. I am also office 365 administrator for a large private lender.
    That's why I took all the steps to see if it's on my side, but it's not.
    I checked entire network security, viruses, trojans, adware, tracking software or anything else that can compromise my computer and network, but no flaws were found

    Please forward all of this info to tech support.
    I already contacted the other two users and let them know. In fact when I thought one of them was a hacker I entered his email and send him an email to the second one. He dones't know how all of this happened.
    Inside of his email i found logins to opera, it was my from Belgrade, his from Belarus and few others from USA.

    That's why I am saying this is a leak from your side

  • @movadobgd Probably it was just a wrongly guess of the location. Or maybe a connection though a VPN or something similar.

    There is a feature to send you an email every time there's a login using your account, you can enable if you haven't yet.

  • @movadobgd I don't think there was a leak. Why would a leak affect just two or three people?

  • @leocg I use VPN only to USA locations because I work for USA companies.

    You don't guess you either know or don't know.
    I know there was a leak because on my side it was Germany from other account there is USA (guy in Belarus) and Serbia.
    So there are leaks on your side whether you acknowledge it or not. I will forward all this chat (saved it already) and everything that I have (images, proofs) to tech news website so that they can start up more t things because I am guessing you just want to talk, for me it's not about the talk it's about the solution. And you are not giving any solution right now.
    I guess since opera is Chinese now things can leak and get bad but you won't consent to it.

  • @leocg I don't know, why do I have about 40 usernames and passwords from 2,3 people that I never met.
    Why does the guy who's email I got into (through opera) has logins from 2 other countries to his opera account?

    I don't know the answer to these questions, I just know that I can see personal information from other users on opera, 2 of them
    I also know that most likely someone in Germany can see my personal information, maybe even more people . They can also see all my saved passwords for the last 10 years that I have been using opera.

    So I know there is a leak, you might not think so, but I know so. I am not a hacker, I know systems, hardware, software, security, and have advance knowledge of servers. I am not a hacker or have any tools that I use, it was simply signing in to someones email from opera. That's the breach of personal information and that;s not a good thing to do. So if you can send it to your IT team because it's not normal whether it's 2 or 40 users

  • @movadobgd Those are saved passwords. They were manually typed in Opera while your account were logged in to Sync and they were synced to your account and all Logged in Opera installations.

    Or, maybe, they were just used and saved in the Opera you are using.

    If you try to login using a different browser, you probably will not see those accounts.

  • @leocg
    I exported all the saved passwords from my account
    I have 40 loings (usernames and password form 2,3 people) that I never had before. I can login to 40 different websites with their things, some are student websites, others are personal, dating etc.
    I didn't have that yesterday, nor did I do anything in the meantime with opera. I just opened my laptop and saw that I was signed out of my gmail accounts, when I try to signing i saw 3 more accounts that I never used that I can login since opera saved those passwords. These are the guys from Russia and Belorussia. I've never even been there, nor do I know t hose people. How would I have those accounts?
    Opera is leaking passwords and usernames, accounts. Please forward this to someone who can take a look at it

  • @movadobgd If you think there was a leak, report it at

    Select Web Service and

  • @movadobgd Are you the only use that computer? No one else uses or have used it?
    Do you have to login to access the OS?

  • @leocg my work laptop that only I access and use, no one else. All the important info is on here,, so I don't risk even putting USB drives inside. It's a fairly new laptop with the Win 10 paid by myself. No pirated software, no strange files, just work related software and files

    Only me using it daily

  • @movadobgd can you know that How can I create Multiple user in Opera, I'm a totally new user for Opera.