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  • I feel that turbo mode should be disabled because I just downloaded opera and enabled it thinking it was going to make my browser faster when it actually slowed it, I was loading websites side by side seeing if it was faster than chrome and Opera was slower so I almost uninstalled it, then read that turbo mode is only for slow connections.

    A noob would have just uninstalled it thinking Opera was junk, maybe rename Turbo mode to Turbo mode (for slow connections).

  • In Classic Opera (version 12 and older) it was originally called 'Opera Turbo', but when that function was re-introduced back into the new (Blink) version of Opera, it was renamed 'Off-Road mode'. It was renamed back to 'Opera Turbo' only recently. The reason for the rename I'm not too sure, but I think it may have been because it made the function difficult to determine what it actually did for new users, and possibly difficult to find for veteran users.

    You are correct, its real use is for very slow connections, and serve not real purpose on say broadband connections, as it actually slows the connection down considerably, because it's actually a proxy and goes through Opera ASA servers dotted around the world. Thus extending the distance the data has to travel quite considerably depending where you are in relation to the proxy you are connected to.

    It does have it's uses though. It can be a life saver (and a data saver too, as it uses compression) if you happen to be in a really bad signal area (for example) and need access to the internet to send or receive something important.

  • It's possessive is its.

    Maybe the second name was right. Like a mode for difficult terrain.
    However, I guess people just were accustomed to the old, 'improper' term (which was proper all right in the times when literally all connections were "bad terrain").
    So, now what?
    I doubt they'll reintroduce "OffRoad"... What about "Nitro"?

  • I recently had to fix someones computer because Facebooks games where not loading. I previously put Opera on this computer and it turned out that they had the "Turbo" option enabled. Disabling it cleared up the problem. Maybe when you enable this there should be a popup warning that this is for slower connections and may have the reverse effect on faster systems.

  • It's possessive is its.

    I was possessed this morning, I was in a hurry as I was getting ready for work when I typed the above post, and thus made a mistake. But it's now corrected. 😃

  • Maybe when you enable this there should be a popup warning that this is for slower connections and may have the reverse effect on faster systems.

    We have been giving this feedback to Opera since Turbo was first released, 5 years ago.
    We have seen in these forums countless users depicting problems like "pixelated images", affected speed, and problems in web pages caused by Flash player or other plug-ins turning to click-to-play when it's enabled.

    Opera should aim making the browser easier to use and I think they really want it, but until now they (let's say, the management) were not competent enough to see it and lead the devs to do it when the issues are presented in their face! A simple "fix" like displaying a message bubble or badge explaining its side effects when Turbo is enabled hasn't been added in those 5 years, nor any kind of indicator or hint. It loads a help page when it's enabled for the first time which says what's Opera Turbo but doesn't explain its effects at all. Sigh. :right:

    The rename to Off-road gave to users a hint that it should only be enabled in weak Wi-Fi spots or 3G/4G mobile connections / when "on the road", then they decided to rollback the name change. The only shy step to a "solution" has been discarded...

  • I really like that Nitro suggestion joshl.