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Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone - ready for testing

  • Hi!

    Same problem than others, app crashes after 2-3s loading on a blank page. Phone info:!11491&authkey=!AMglYQJ_eYNpaok&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cpng (Lumia 920 with latest Developper Preview)

  • Respected Sir,

    I would like you to add network settings to the browser so that it can be used with a proxy internet connection.
    At present it shows that browser is not connected with internet even when a internet connection is connected and working.
    and the app seems to crash and sometimes takes a lot of time to open.
    Please fix these bugs ASAP.

  • Hi! I'm reporting a crash at startup of application. When I start Opera Mini Browser - Beta, it crash.

    Model: Nokia Lumia 925
    Operator: CV IT
    Version: 8.10.14157.200
    Firmware Version: 3051.50009.1424.0006

    Hi, Faraoman

  • Hi, it doesn't work. It simply refuses to download. What can I do?

  • It crashes every single time I open the app.I have wp 8.1 cyan.

  • It's fast as opera has promised to us.However ,I have to say that it can't show the mobile version of web pages well.It will always change to computer version automatically.What's more,some words was stacked on other words.
    I'm using wp8.1 update1 with cyan on Lumia 1020 and I came from PRC.
    I will support you anyway.

  • Congrats Opera for joining WP!

    First glance bugs:

    1. Crashes/unable to connect when using Wi-Fi connection
    2. Hebrew sites are showing text left-to-right instead of right-to-left
  • Same as others, Lumia 920 cyan 8.1 update Dev preview. Crashes on launch after 2-3 seconds, reinstalled and rebooted to test with same result.

  • Downloaded for my Lumia 1020. App krashes. Restart of phone. App still krashes.

  • I'm using nokia lumia 630. Windows phone 8.1.

    The app crash 3 times for the 1st time I run the app. Everything good for now but it crash when I was redirected to link to report a problem.

    Thanks for ur effort.

  • Recebi o preview do opera, mas ele não abriu!

  • presently unable to use opera,, tries to load, then crashes back to start screen
    Nokia Lumia 920, WP 8.1 OS version 8.10.12393.890

  • Also on my Lumia 625 with latest WP8.1DP opera mini is crashing after loading a website...

  • Hi.
    Opera doesn't support video...
    Crash after crash before crash...
    No metro UI...

    Is it alpha?

    I have lumia 620 with WP 8.1 (not pfd)

    It's the worst browser when I ever seen... Sorry...

  • Firstly thank you for bringing back opera mini for WP 8.1.

    But as I know its in beta

    So I have few suggestions to share with Opera mini developer Teams.

    My suggestion and some features missing

    • Make Opera Mini as transparent tiles

    • one small problem I faced is during downloading images ,files. Videos,audio etc . After downloading is finished it never automatically saved in either local phone memory or in external sd card. This is quite and big dissapoint and more to me. Because I am a great downloader . I always loved its download manager since the days of JAVA , Symbian etc .

    I wish this problem should be solved in next update.

    • the UI should be in the metro/modern UI so that it looks and feel more user friendly mainly for WP 8.1 users.

    and lastly one more humble request " Please bring full Opera with turbo app" for Windows phone.

    Keep it up and keep going.

    I love Opera and I will forever no matter how many new web browsers are developed in future.

    Good luck !

  • please fix the problem. when i open opera mini beta unfotunatly the app was automatically closed.
    i am use nokia lumia 620 with wp8.1 dfp

  • Hi,

    Thank you for letting me be part of the testing group.

    I installed the browser . However when I tried to launch it, it kicked me out.

    Please advise.



  • Im on a Lumia 1320 device, WP8.1 GDR1 dev preview, build 14158.200

    Crash and crash and crash, can not even start the app for the 1st time

  • beats from the application

  • Lumia 1020 / 8.1 GDR1 DP: the updated (0,9.0.1) still crashes on startup...

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