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Total storage used by sites is absurdly high - how to find out what is stored?

  • Opera Version: 77.0.4054.146
    Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello, under opera://settings/content/all Opera claims that:

    Total storage used by sites: 6.9 GB

    I wondered why so much data was saved. According to Opera, one website alone uses 2.5 GB. I tried to find out what was saved but the disk space did not match Operas numbers.

    du -d 0 -h ~/.config/opera ~/.cache/opera
    1,4G	~/.config/opera
    5,4M	~/cache/opera

    Maybe I looked at the wrong place?
    Where can I find the stored data?

    Thanks & best

  • @terraformer Did you check cookies, local storage, etc?

  • @leocg Thank you for your help.
    As far as I understand, cookies are saved in the profile folder, which is ~/.config/opera according to "about Opera". This folder I checked, it only contains 1.4 GB of data.
    What do you mean with "local storage"?
    If there are more folders where Opera saves data, despite ~/.config/opera ~/.cache/opera, then I do not know them. I'd be happy to learn about other directories to check.
    I coul not find any related folders using Linux command find / -iname opera.

  • @terraformer In opera://settings/siteData you can see more info about data storage of each site.

    And in the already mentioned opera://settings/content/all, you also can see how much data the sires are using

  • @leocg Thank you for clarifying.
    The information found under opera://settings/cookies/detail?site=... relate to the data shown with opera://settings/content/all.
    Unfortunately, opera://settings/cookies/detail?site=... does provide limited insight into the actual content of the saved data. What I see is that the majority of the data is located at in the Cache Storage and not in Local storage or Database Storage.
    But that's even more surprising because ~/.cache/opera is just 5.4MB in size and not 6.9 GB. Or is there some kind of general cache I don't know about? My /tmp and /var/cache folder are far smaller in size.

    Maybe it's a bug? Opera is showing a bigger cache size than disk space is actually used.

  • @terraformer Here it show that the total of data stored by sites is around 1.5 GB. Based on the data jut below it and on the size of cache and profile directories, I would say it's quite plausible.

    Remember that it shows the total amount of data used by the sites and not only the amount of data in the cache.

    It also may be that the info is not updated.

  • @leocg I removed website data one by one and checked if there was a change of folder size. After deleting multiple websites and checking actual change of disk space, I assume it's just a minor bug. For some reasons Opera does not count the occupied space correctly.

    Thanks for your help!