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A Feedback Regarding Adding New Features and UI Changes

  • I see there was a significant new features drop for version 77.0.4054.146 -- which just auto-updated, rather than asking me as it usually does. While I have no objection to the introduction of new features, as a general principle I much prefer my software to remain the way I had set it up and used it, unless I give express approval for any changes. The recent "News and Interests" sidebar that Windows 10 forced down our throats was egregious, and a disaster. Had to dive into the Win Registry, in order to rip that out by the roots. (I also despised the so-very-distracting 'Pocket' articles feed FireFox latched onto awhile back, and had to do likewise with that. It was only one of several big wrong turns that FF has unfortunately made, ever since that last "legacy" 5290 ESR version.) Please, Please, don't do that to us ! Major UI changes that some users might object to should be strictly on an Opt-In basis, and reversible !

    While I do like the basic idea and availability of an ad-blocker, quite a few websites these days will simply slam their front door in your face if they detect the presence of one. (Or the No-Script extension, for that matter.) And you are one of a few browsers that now have the ad-blocker built-in. Even when you follow the instructions to temporarily disable the ad-blocker, this sometimes won't satisfy them. I've had to resort to use of another browser -- plain Vanilla, with no ad-blocker or extensions -- if / when I had to access such sites.

    On the plus side, I do like that light blue-grey wavy wallpaper that now shows up behind the Speed Dial tab.

  • @multitasker-5 There weren't any major UI changes in the last Opera release. Also, the ad-blocker has been there for years and is disabled by default.

  • @leocg

    Thanks for your reply. I was just going by the new version announcement, which sounded like some major changes might have been in store. I'm glad to hear that nothing is being forced on us, a la that Pocket feature in the other browser.

    I'm going to start keeping a list of websites that upon starting to load still insist that I must "disable your ad-blocker" or access will not be granted -- despite the fact that it remains disabled by default, which setting I have not altered. When there is enough of a list, I will update this thread, and then you will be able to see for yourself. They must be detecting something that raises their objection. (I get it: they insist on having their ad-serving revenue unimpeded. With another browser that used to support extensions like Remove It Permanently and the rather selective Nuke Everything, and of course NoScript, I had multiple ways of evading the ad clutter.) If so, and there is no way to further "stealth-isize" this with Opera, so that sites can't detect the counter-measures, I will have to continue such site access via the method I mentioned.