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Opera ships major new version of its desktop browser, codenamed R5

  • @netscapevo And why do I need Opera GX? It also lacks extension synchronization like Opera Beta and Opera Developer. This function is already in absolutely all browsers: Vivaldi, Yandex Browser, EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, and even unpopular ones based on Chromium, But Opera is ahead of the planet, and is not going to implement this function, which is the most necessary for me. Since every reinstallation of Windows OS, you have to install a bunch of extensions manually from two stores - Opera and Chrome, True, I found one extension in the Opera store - V7 Extension Manager, but this is not a way out of the situation. Opera is not a full-fledged browser without it. For so many years, the browser is older than some of the above, and on the Chromium engine Opera is already several years old, and they cannot implement a simple function. They have long been overtaken in this by other, younger Chromium browsers.

  • @teknomobil The old circle (Reborn3) Wallpapers are still there.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg So why not keep VPN on Opera if the Russian government has blocked it? Maybe because your Russian office betrayed everyone who used this feature all these years? Shame on you!
    They have jailed hundreds of people for dissent. They beat and kill. They persecute any free-thinking. They are the criminals who seized power. And you followed their lead. And then you say "why is this browser function for if it was blocked? - Therefore we removed it ..." Hahaha! They (rus opera office) just crap and were afraid to lose money. Sons of the of b ..

  • @squortsoff First, neither Leo nor I actually work for Opera, so it isn't his Russian office. But Opera's VPN has always been "where allowed by law", and hasn't been available in mainland China for years as an example.

  • @squortsoff Because there wouldn't make sense to keep offering a feature that isn't working because it's being blocked.

  • I updated to 77.0.4054.203 for Stable today on Chromebook/Linux. Thank you, Opera! 🙂

  • @vasiliy87: xD dumbass.

  • I updated to 77.0.4054.254 for Stable today on Chromebook/Linux. Thank you, Opera! 🙂 Lookin' good as always here!

  • Hi, finally found the time to check out the new sidebar music player and like it so far. The six available streaming sites including Deezer are well chosen in my opinion, and they even scrobble to, either with their internal scrobbling option or with the Web Scrobbler browser extension which is available in the Chrome web store and works fine with Opera. One little thing I miss though: a quick mute button in the small preview popup. When using the web players in a normal tab, I can quickly mute that tab, but not with the sidebar player, right?