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  • Good and necessary fixes were included in this version. Well done. Although there's one (major) bug that hasn't been fixed since a long time: the reload function. It still jumps randomly backwards, messing with the current position of the page.

    I have to edit/update content frecuently on documents and web pages, so I use the reload very often to check the changes, but Opera is a pain in the *** to do that because it never stays in the same place. Because of that, I had to switch to Firefox to do that work properly and it does a solid work with that, unlike Opera. The reload function used to work fine until Opera 64. I don't know about Opera 65-66, but this issue has been present since Opera 67...

    Besides that, I see another (minor) issue that has't been considered: the transparent line drawn under the Opera menu button. It's very fine, like 1px in height but it's still annoying to see it all the time.

    Cheers for the team. Hopefully you can fix the reload problem soon. In the meantime, I'm forced to go back to Firefox.

  • "DNA-93372 Build new edition for Axel Springer" <- 🤪

  • After launching Opera I see:

    Your profile could not be opened correctly.
    Some features may be unavailable. Please check that the profile exists and that you have permission to read and write its contents.

    I have full read/write permissions to every file in my profile directory so message is bogus. I run Opera using command line and among messages I noticed:

    [15114:15125:0609/] History failed to migrate from version 43. History will be disabled.

    I moved History and History-journal files elsewhere and all starts up, though I've lost full browsing history as expected. Seems like upgrade corrupted my History and/or History-journal database. I checked them. It seems like they are SQLite3 databases. Is there any way to recover/fix those files?

  • @burnout426 Yes, because Beta 77 was promoted to Stable.
    But despite of promises they didn't manage fixing it in 76 Stable and the bug persisted in Stable during all the 76 version's life cycle.

  • I miss being able to see highlights of actual features coming with each build as opposed to: here's a list of all miscellaneous changes since the last major build.

  • @vfbfan: I really want to know the meaning of that.

  • @smnstrk I know nothing, but I'm curious too.

  • Was the WebUSB finally fixed?
    In recent Opera versions I had the problem that in the WebUSB window my phone showed up but there was no confirmation button (select device and confirm) what makes it useless.
    I had to install Chrome to use WebUSB.

    Another Issue was in Settings page, hovering or moving mouse causes an flashing of background color (dark mode).
    I mean if you move the mouse over diffrent areas of setting page the background color was changing a bit, if you look close its very obvious.
    Hope its fixed now, havent install it so far.

  • @leocg: Can cooperate with Google or Yandex for translator account

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg Yes, extensions need synchronization with a custom installation, if it is not possible selective, then it will have to be automatic, this is also convenient than finding and installing everything again on a new device!

  • You better update Chromium asap...

  • @7thgear: Nice update, Opera! 🙂

  • Opera, what has been wrong lately? My browser has been crashing many times and when reopening, all the tabs I had open were gone! Even the "Recently closed" function was not available! When you always keep some 20 tabs open, it's a real pain to have to reopen them manually, reorder them, pin them, etc. Has this problem been solved in version 77? I hope so because I can't trust you anymore! Do something please!

  • New version - 77.0.4054.80 ;-)

  • Are you kiddin me? lol Chromium should be updated to .101/.106 ASAP due to CVE-2021-30551 and CVE-2021-30544.
    And your second stable update doesnt include it...

  • Again blog posts editing practice.
    The original post relates to first 77 Stable version promotion and most of the comments relate to the 77.0.4054.60 version.

  • Old bug on opera://about/ is that the relaunch to update shows about 5 to 10 seconds to fast and causes updates to fail.

  • @l33t4opera: That's the one being announced here.