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  • Little bug in last Opera stable:

  • @deathcat If you open the page on a regular tab, the problem also happens?

  • @sgunhouse: Even if I click the URL, nothing happens, just blank.

  • @hwpc48 Be kind to tell us more details. Up to now your problem is your problem only.

    Your page here (see my signature), pay attention to extensions - I got AdGuard and two Opera blockers active.

    P.S. @leocg I beg your pardon for erroneously naming you leocd in my answer to @deathcat

  • @leocg: Unfortunately, I don't know what the problem is. I've already tried extensions, even if I turn off all of them it's the same. Even after clearing all your browser data, it's still the same. Works normally in other browsers. I have one Opera Portable, the other is normally installed, and the other has the same problem with this page.
    I already know what's causing it. Built-in browser option - "block tracking scripts". After disabling this, the site works fine. And you looked with this option on or off?

  • @adam1709 I don't remember have changed it.

  • The new update has a problem that i have never seen before. Normally when i used Opera to watch videos on Youtube it would work fine but now you have to manullay pause your video after every 2-3 mins and sometimes even have to reload your page couple of times for it to start loading. At first i thought it was Internet problem but then when i checked in with Chrome it was working noramlly. So my question is what kind of porblem is this ? and when will it be fixed ? i already submitted a request/report about this but no proper answer.image_2021-05-01_185339.png

  • @alphablake And what exactly is the problem? Why do you need to keep pausing the video?

  • @pavelopdev: After I logged in the site below (a publisher of the email magazine citing the inaccesible site),I was able to show the page.
    Though I do not know whether it is relevant or not, making cryp wallet effective made me able to show the page, which was however one time only.

  • @leocg: In the regular tab, of course, everything is fine and is displayed fine. The problem is in the sidebar widget, I attached the screen.!Снимок экрана 2021-05-01 195541.png

  • @deathcat: Still too broad view of the issue.
    Let me suggest few points only:

    1. Apps are susceptible to window width. Try with full Sidebar view.
      2, Apps have mobile, desktop and stand alone versions like Telegram.
      2.a One of them may works fine, others no.
      2.b You do not have to stick to Sidebar option, it's a candy option sometimes only.
    2. Download other Opera virgin version and try to use VK.
    3. Think over a method what to do to narrow the culprit. Small steps are better sometimes, than asking on forums. You know your PC the best. Try to ask Russian users as they use VK for sure as well.
  • @adam1709: I checked the problem using Opera Developer for Linux (see my signature).
    I have interesting news for you, albeit sad.

    1. I've clicked Xiaomi POCO X3 PRO picture first with all blockers active (2 x Opera + AdGuard)

    2. New page was opened. The next click failed. I could do it deactivating all extensions.

    3. And here the best tidbit - I wasn't able to close the picture in full view! Without extensions too!

    So, it's up to the f....g website. I dodge such c..p as usual. I do not have to buy in X-com, thanks God!

  • @deathcat Any difference if you resize the sidebar panel?

  • @alphablake We cannot help you because you are too ambiguous. I do not tackle the issue. Describe your problem once more, but this time step by step.

  • @pavelopdev: Just in Poland, this site is popular and recommended, I buy there myself from time to time. Unfortunately, it has been displaying badly for some time (I do not know if they changed something on the website or in Opera), but as I wrote, it is enough to turn off the blocking of Opera's tracking scripts and the website works fine. However, in other browsers there is no problem with this at the moment (because not so long ago it was also different with photos, e.g. in Firefox it started to work without any problems after updating uBlock to version 1.35).
    I currently have the Stable version, Windows 10.
    Have you tried in other browsers?

  • @leocg: The problem remains.

  • @leocg Well as you can see in the screenshot, the video while playing reachs to a point where the buffering ends and then instead of loading further like it normally does it just stops and does nothing(Like nothing at all no buffering or loading), however if i pause the video for even a sec it immediatly starts loading and works normally. This happened a few times at the start but now it does that with every video. I dont understand the problem with this. Also this never happened with any of the Opera updates that i did before.

  • @adam1709 I'm not developer, but I have done my homework. I hope this part will help Opera coders to find out causes of Opera delays and erroneous works with the website

    1) Extension descriptions and handy abbreviations:
    BA - Block Ads (Easy setup in Opera)
    BT - Block Truckers (Easy setup)
    AG - AdGuard - advanced AdBlocker
    OPen item in X-com page
    CLose item in X-com page
    NA - Not Applicable

    2) Web Browsers abbreviations:
    YB - Yandex Beta Browser
    VS - Vivaldi Snapshot
    OS - Opera Stable
    OB - Opera Beta
    OD - Opera Developer

    3) [Fig. 1] from was basic to my pitiful experiments.


    4) [Fig. 2] Page opened after click on image from [Fig. 1]


    5) Pay attention to addresses.

    [Fig. 1] shows *.html ending >

    [Fig. 2] shows hlink with added suffix #modal:galeria It is visible in Opera address field, but not in VS!

    6) Remarks.

    • Opera works "slowly". Every page of X-com is processed for a long time (usually) by Opera.
    • Every (next) click must/should be done when page is processed fully - circle arrow ↻ in tab stops revolving and x in address bar was changed into circle arrow ↻.
    • Opera has to have BA and specially BT set to off (deactivated), otherwise click won't work (it'll bring nothing).
    • #modal:galeria is visible in Opera only. When you have opened page ([Fig. 2]) and you want to close it (item viewer), you has to click top-right X. Obvious, but what happens is strange. At least for the first time. The modal suffix will vanish, but the page will not close! In such moment, you will have to reload the page from [Fig 2]. That's the most bizarre working. VS (Vivaldi) do not show the suffix in hyperlink (address) field at all and works like charm - quickly and correctly.


    7) The best web browser for X-com website is VS, then YB. OS, OB and OD are the least suitable - slow and capricious. You may check it by yourselves if you have the time and stamina for such experiments.

    Eight) Summery for OS, OB and OD concerning BA, BT and AG (I use everywhere).
    Click in [Fig. 1] -> [Fig. 2] click X -> [Fig. 1]
    (+ = yes/on, - = no/off, ? = NA)

    Opera Stable
    BA = - | + | - | +
    BT = - | - | + | +
    AG = - | - | - | -

    OP = + | + | - | +
    CL = + | - | ? | -

    Opera Beta
    BA = - | + | - | +
    BT = - | - | + | +
    AG = - | - | - | -

    OP = + | + | - | + long wait
    CL = + | - | ? | +

    Opera Developer
    BA = - | + | - | +
    BT = - | - | + | +
    AG = - | - | - | -

    OP = + | + | - | -
    CL = - | + | ? | ?

    Yandex Browers Beta
    As Opera (Chromium syndrome?)

    Vivaldi Snapshot
    It works without any problems, even with activated blockers


  • Chromecast plugin stop working again: "No device found."