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  • Greetings, The Opera Team is pleased to announce that Opera 76 is now released on the Stable branch for Windows, macOS and Linux! Restart your browser to get the update automatically! While weโ€™re polishing some new features, we would like to inform you that Opera 76 is based on Chromium 90. Happy browsing! Installation links:โ€ฆ

    Read full blog post: Opera 76 Stable

  • Why so fast? Usually it takes 1.5 months between releases..
    Again there will be a lot of Stable updates in a row to fix crashes.

    *The release announcement must be pinned on top of the main blog page, by the way (instead of the M1 update info).

  • Just curious ... any noteworthy changes/fixes between version 75 and this new version 76? Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you, Opera Team! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could you consider checking the PiP view? It keeps the size/position info on the main monitor, but forgets it for the second screen.

  • New line I see, does it mean we should copy changelog from latest Beta release?


  • I do not know if it is the same in other language versions of Opera, but in Polish there are strange characters separating folders in Bookmarks: zrzut ekranu_2021-04-28_145512_bookmarks.png?dl=0

  • The same s..t again as before, such a trifle and such a gigantic problem for Opera developers. It's mind boggling how long such a petty, small micro bug keeps its home in Opera Stable. Shame!


    using Liberation2 fonts in GNU/Linux


  • Have to manually update on macOS 11.3

    Also missing link to the change log

  • @chas4 If you read posts here you'd know there's no changelog for the new release line. I did install my Opera for Linux manually, too. MacOS shouldn't be honoured specially than other earthly bugs, pardon, Opera Win/Lin users. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • @pavelopdev: These hieroglyphs in all languages โ€‹โ€‹exist, when will it be corrected

  • Telegram has a new web version and it now supports dark mode, animated stickers or chat folders, when will this version appear in Opera?

  • @firuz-u7 That`s the official stable page for Telegram Web? Here it's still

    Edit: They seem to be test/beta pages, so they will only be in Opera's sidebar if Telegram turns it in their official web page.

  • @pavelopdev I have been reading them here since Opera 9.6, just seems a change with the recent macOS update broken the way the auto updater works

  • @opera-comments-bot I have installed the version's 76 and I can't install any extension, because the error "Ces extensions et ces fonds d'รฉcran sont conรงus pour le navigateur Opera." "these extensions and font screen is only for for Opera Navigator" I'm on Opera !!

  • @oxaix Are you using any extension to change Opera's user agent? Is opera://flags/#freeze-user-agent enabled by chance?

  • @andrew84 I had read your remarks yesterday, but I looked once more on the team blog's page and your words came to me with two new thoughts.

    1] It's better to deal with Opera Stable 76 then be stick to index 75.0.3969.218 or 75.0.5799.998, isn't it?

    2] I have no knowledge how the index reflects inner development numbering. So, wouldn't it be more meaningful to apply clearly defined limits to the subtree indexing? I do really wince seeing such idiotic strings as 75.0.3969.218 (former Stable) or 76.0.4017.94 (present Stable).

    Do you really sense a significant difference in this silly indexing, apart from the main root (75 versus 76)?

    Let me be more helpful and creative. I humbly submit new limits to those numbers (based on Opera Stable).


    Satanic numbers, I know, but is present indexation less kiny?


  • @pavelopdev Only the last part would change in a stable version /build, so there couldn't be a 75.0.5799.xx version.

  • @pavelopdev Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean.
    I wrote nothing about versions indexes, my notice was only about the hurry with this release.
    I also don't know how the versions indexes are forming (and I don't care much), for me is much more important to see Stable without many times reported and known bugs.

    *Your screenshot above regarding the hieroglyphs on Bookmarks page is a clear example here. What prevents to wait two weeks more and release polished Stable version without such obvious visual bugs?

  • @andrew84 First of all I wrote about me, not about You - whether you paid attention to indexing or not. Your words just triggered some thoughts in me only, that's why I wrote about them.

    But I do understand why we cannot understand each other. You do not read my acrimonious tone, vicious sarcasm and a pinch of sound joke making fun of Opera indexing.

    Tough luck.

    Quote - "I don't care much".

    I do care, Stable, Beta or Developer have sub revisions (or indexes). Alas, they are unreadable to me and other users too, I presume.

    From my point of view the whole Opera forums shebang appears pathetic joke frequently, it might be closed once and for all - no feedback, no answers (in codes) to reported bugs, no clear roadmap (simplified to us) etc. BTW. Don't you @andrew84 feel being idiot, reporting bugs and requesting corrections so many times for so long? So, in such context it is They (developers and moderators) who might say - We do not care - not You and other useful users trying to be helpful.

    Have a nice day and Happy Reporting! (a little jab of mine's ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).