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  • That's the good step forward.
    But i want to suggest one thing. Can you work on automated cookie/cache deletion after every restart of the system. Because many time cookies and cache memory ruin the important task you are running. For example, i am a blogger and i had to generate links from some affiliate marketing site; but due to some issues with the cookies memory, I was not able to fetch the links. It took me 7 days to resolve the issue. It was really annoying.

  • @ellespark The option to delete cookies on exit doesn't work?

  • @ellespark Go to opera://settings/cookies and select the option "Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera". It will work.

  • @pavelopdev: Thank you for suggestion. I would like to clarify, what exactly do you mean over the 'bottom of the page' in this case? Because it's quite easy to define what the 'top of the page' is, but not so clear for 'bottom'.

  • @andrew84: We try to keep it moderately compact😉

  • @tina You know well there're websites with never ending "printed tape" - the more you go down, there more useless context appears.

    In the meantime there're well created pages which close their contents at the well defined "bottom". So, do not try to multiply obstacles where they cannot exist.

    Make a short mental jaunt to Opera's Snapshot turf, how it works. You can screenshot whole page saving it in PDF file. Was it possible to define your problematic "bottom" by Opera coders? Yeah, it was. Copy the code to the double-click option to scroll down within opened page. Paying attention to exceptions, of course, like in Snapshot!

    You need to think in programming way sometimes. It'll help to understand, ekhm, users.

  • @pavelopdev Sorry, but I still don't get the idea. Hope you understand, that there's a huge gap between naming and what users mean over a particular feature or setting. Infinite pages (you mentioned above), content inside iframes etc. We have already faced with all of this in Snapshot, in Print and in Save as PDF features and it was solved in different ways. And it can't be done as just "Copy the code...".
    When I ask you to clarify request, I try to define and understand better your point of view and what did you mean over it, not a 'programming' or mine definition.

  • @tina said in Opera 76.0.4017.88 beta update:

    We try to keep it moderately compact


  • @tina Yeah... a

    huge gap between naming and what users mean


    a huge gap between generations in naming and what you mean

    young workers in Opera...

    D'you know dualism?
    When you say top it has a dual partner - bottom.
    When you say left it has dual partner - right.

    Is that so hard to understand?

    You see Opera forums page, this page.

    When you read at the end of the page, meaning bottom, click its tab and you'll be moved to the top of the page.

    When you are at the top of the page and want to be moved to the end of the page, meaning bottom, double click the tab.

    Your moves could be described as up and down as well.

    Writing your last comment you revealed clearly that you understand the concepts of up-down, top-bottom, left-right excellently as far as click and double-click on tab are concerned. From programming point of view too.

    I do not understand only why you play idiot with conversation with me. But it's up to you, your habits, not mine.

    @leocg Stop using Upvote or Downvote ranking system. You have problems with your ego it seems.

  • @pavelopdev Stop right now with that behavior, it's unacceptable.

    The questions are for better understanding of what you are asking for, so that the feature request can be take to the ones responsible correctly.

    And yes, sometimes it is very hard, very difficult to understand you.

    So, after taking some time to chill out, politely explain what do you mean by bottom of the page, otherwise there is no need for you to return here.

  • The Beta channel has been updated to 77.0.4054.14 ;-)