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Everything is bigger after updating to Opera 24

  • I have reset Windows 7 to default 100% and tested what happens in many programs. They all result in teeny-weeny fonts, including Opera 24 pages that I load, menu choices, etc. HOWEVER, the bookmarks bar and tabs are all the size in 100% setting that it used to be in Opera 23 with Windows set to 125%. Opera is the only program of a couple dozen that I tested, including MSIE, that does this.

    As far as I can tell from the forum link provided by christoph142, the complaints were that Chrome overrode the Windows user zoom setting of 125% and reduced it to 100%. It was an issue of Chrome not using the user's Windows setting. I don't know about Chrome now. All I know is that Opera 24 is still overriding my Windows setting of 125% for the bookmark bar and tab sizes. I can reset the webpage zoom size within Opera, and it seems to respond to this about 75% of the time. Only slightly annoying that I have to do this reset every time I enter Opera 24 and several times during a session. Previously, 14 of my 15 bookmark folder tabs displayed on the bookmark bar. Now under Opera 24 only 11 tabs show on the bookmark bar (the rest require hitting the double arrow icon on the right side of the bar). I don't find any way to get the size down to where it is supposed to be, following my Windows setting of 125% and not something larger.


    Please do not post only a link on a comment as it isn't useful without a context.

    And there is always the chance of the comment to be removed as spam.

  • I think that everyone would like some official word on this.
    I really hope that they at least give us the option to use whatever size we want. No other application I have on my PC acts this way and I can't seem to be able to fix this issue with the suggested solutions.

  • God fix this ...... this is stupid. NO more sessions options and other features from old opera and now this. this is some kind of sneering

  • Yes please! Went back to Chrome now. I'll hope you fix this soon.

  • What a... bad feature. I can't beleive they can't do some basic testing at opera software... I'm using chrome until this thing is fixed. BTW i think command line parameters are not working for opera, i've never seen that any cmd params that had effect on this browser...

  • I can't beleive they can't do some basic testing at opera software

    Again, this is intended. It's not some bug that slipped through testing.

  • I can't beleive they can't do some basic testing at opera software

    Again, this is intended. It's not some bug that slipped through testing.

    Then make it configurable.

  • i work with pictures. and i want my windows fonts 125%. now opera cant correctly display any jpeg , i dont know real size anymore. if this is intended it is very stupid

  • if it's intended then it's worse... as it make me to beleive that the developers are either retards, or have serious problems with their eyes...

  • I can't beleive they can't do some basic testing at opera software

    Again, this is intended. It's not some bug that slipped through testing.

    Opera throws out update that fucks up the client for 50% of the users.
    "Don't worry people, this is intentional!"

    This makes it even worse. Chrome's double fuck up, should've prevented this. But no, they thought it's a good idea to release the just the same broken update as Chrome did, without thinking twice. The other guy is right, it IS about testing it before release, ESPECIALLY after this happened to Google Chrome before. They should've tested how the users DPI settings affect this "intentional" update, before making opera unusable for 50% of it's users.

    It is EXACTLY something that slipped through testing, at least you better hope so, because if it isn't and the guys seriously said: "hey this is going to fuck up the client for many of our users, and definitely for those using laptops." "Yeah we know, release it anyway." - then I'm fucking done.

    If it's not an "issue" then it shouldn't be easy to fix right? You say it's not an issue(leave the "" out please), but somehow, nobody can't seem to fix it with whatever solution provided. Still, not an issue eh? Also, command lines? Working programs usually don't need that kind of "fix". And above all, it's only Opera, and before that Chrome that managed to screw this up. If it's such a reasonable change, then how is it that no other program ever had a problem with that?

  • If you had a high-dpi device you would kiss developers for finally adhering to this setting.
    Only because people are misusing this feature to only scale their Desktop icons doesn't make this a bug.

  • Only because people are misusing this feature to only scale their Desktop icons doesn't make this a bug.

    I'm not using this "feature" AT ALL! There's nothing "scaled" on my fucking Desktop! Are you seriously just playing deaf mute to everyone stating that this is a real issue? Are you seriously saying that it's everyone's fault that this happened? Because your last line sure does sound like that?

    You know what, screw this. Your responses here prove that it's just another case of a biased mod playing deaf mute to criticism on his favorite program.

  • I get that it's annoying. And Opera is evaluating "fixes".
    I just wanted you to realize that other people need this to work exactly as it does now (as you can see in my previous post, people started yelling at Google when they made it smaller again!). Maybe I am not the deaf one in here...

  • Misuse the DPI settings? isn't that meant to make things bigger, and look better on higher resolution? Funny i'm using the windows dpi setting at 125% since i have a fullHD display, else hard to read the text. But it seems i'm misusing it 😃

  • @straydogstrut See?
    sanyigz (no, you are not misusing it. It's supposed to be 125% if you set it to 125%) expects it to get bigger whereas you want it to stay small. That's the issue here. Not dumb Opera devs.
    Again, Opera is evaluating how to please both of you. So please stay patient and try to understand the other 50% that had to suffer until now.

  • Here is how I think it should work:
    --force-device-scale-factor=1 should correspond to DPI 100%
    --force-device-scale-factor=1.25 should correspond to DPI 125%
    It should also be possible to change the scale factor from Opera settings. The default could follow the DPI in the OS, but it must be easy for the user to change it.

    With this release of Opera I would use scale factor of 0.8 to get the size the previous Opera version had, but scale factors below 1.0 don't work.

    A quick fix would be to allow a zoom level of 80% (the current options are ...75, 90, 100...). This would still leave the GUI elements big, but at least the pages would look the same as before and as with other browsers with zoom level of 100%. For example in IE the default zoom level is 125% if the DPI is 125%, but it is very easy to change that to 100% to get the desired page size.

    The current version of Opera would show a webpage at 100% zoom level differently from other browsers with the same zoom level. I think this could bug some web developers.

    You have some very nice features in Opera and I would like to continue to use it, but I must be able to view web pages at the size which is the same as 100% zoom of the previous stable Opera version. I think that exposing the scale factor in Opera settings would be a suitable solution for everyone.

  • Despite the fact that some of you perceive me as deaf, stupid and ignorant, I totally agree with what you guys say.
    @jelomaa is totally right here.

    I for one suggested implementing the scaling UI of Telegram (which is an awesome messenger btw; you should give it a spin) which I think is just as simple as powerful. Another approach would be to make Windows' compatibility setting "Disable display scaling on high DPI" work or simply follow Google's approach to disable scaling for 125% altogether. But it's not decided yet what to do.

    For those of you who still think I'm fighting you:
    This feature request (DNA-24328) was filed by me July 31st!
    Again, I just want you to understand that others need it to scale and flaming is not appropriate.

  • I've found really simple solution for users who using windows dpi scaling and struggling with problem "everything looks bigger in Opera 24"

    1. Go to opera settings - web-sites.
    2. Change "Page scaling" from 100% to 75% (if you are using 150% and above dpi scaling in Windows) - or use ctrl + mouse wheel to find your specific percentage - you'll see that is your scale when all pictures on site became clearly visible, not blured.
    3. Adjust the size of your fonts in fonts settings.
    4. Profit!

    Of course it is temporary soluiton, but at least it works - now everything in Opera looks clear and smooth.

  • Not really everything. It really doesn't solve the "problem" (feature?) of the upper bar and the extentions icons becoming obnoxiously big and intruding. Has anybody this problem too?
    I mainly use opera for loyalty, and because actually I don't dislike the speed dial + stash method.
    But I also enjoyed the nice design.
    Now there is this huge bar, with usless spaces, instead of a more scaled one.
    And no workaround here suggested fixed it.
    Has anybody been succesfull in resizing the UI and not just the text/pages sizes?

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