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  • Today we would like to present the new Opera 77 line in developer. It’s based on Chromium 91.0.4449.6 We’ve made a nice little improvement to the Switch to Tab feature that we presented last week. Now you can reach this button using the Tab key on your keyboard, making it even easier to find and…

    Read full blog post: Opera 77 developer

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  • fix the visual issues for 'select' dropdowns.

  • Hardware video decoding now working on Linux.
    It works fine in previous developer release (opera-developer_76.0.4016.0), now in current not working.

    Looks like this flag
    is gone. So I can't enable it anymore at runtime.
    It was available in previous and to enable HW accleration I just needed enable it and also #ignore-gpu-blocklist. Then HW acceleration works fine on my Linux box. Now this first flag is gone and opera:media-internals show me that only software decoding is used.
    Maybe you disable this flag at compiling time?
    Can you bring it back? Hardware decoding is very important on my machine.

  • @angrypenguin On Windows I still can see that flag, but with a different shortcut: opera://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode. It's enabled by default like it as before.

    What opera://gpu says about hardware acceleration in video decoding?

  • Pop out's video controls and emoji workspaces were fixed.

  • In this build, the flag opera://flags/#ipfs (Support for IPFS URLs) is enabled by default. I don't know if I'm mistaken, but I think the navigation has become faster.

  • @leocg: Because on Windows it uses different technologies so it is still available. It was available there long before it was introduced to Linux. Chrome/Chromium few version ago enable it at compiling time but keep disabled at runtime - to let users choose.

    Info from gpu:
    Video Decode: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled
    Accelerated video decode has been disabled, either via blocklist, about:flags or the command line.
    Disabled Features: video_decode

    but blocklist flag is enabled. Trying few things, and still is the same.
    Browser downgrade restores this flag and hardware video decoding works as expected.

  • @kened I guess it was enabled by default in previous build already.

  • Is anyone using MacOS arm64 builds also gets corrupted updates? From 2 or 3 builds, I cannot update via browser - it says that the update file is broken. I need to download the installer and update by it.

  • @leocg: I didn't know that.

  • "DNA-92100 [GX] Chinese edition of Opera GX".
    I think Yandex should do something like this: pay Opera to build a Russian version of the Opera browser. After all, the Yandex browser is a bundle of Opera resources (poorly arranged) with access to Yandex services.

  • Pop out video stop working on Instagram web.

  • @kened: Few years ago Yandex Browser was quick and simple. It is patched heap of junk. It was built to be useful, but the core structure was not implemented with those new Yandex myriad services in mind which Yandex Browser tries to serve (was forced to do). Comparing it to Opera Stable now is making a gross disservice to Opera. One cannot compare Audi (Opera) to Yugo (Yandex). I used Yandex Browser for several years for a long time, up to the point of no return when my Yandex Collections and Yandex Zen was terminated by Yandex AI algorithms (with no chance to revoke the decisions). Few days ago I tried to squeeze out from YB workings similar to Opera. I will not do it again. My health demanded to terminate such crazy advances immediately. 😉

    BTW. Your idea is worth to keep in mind. I'm all for it as Yandex services managed by YB are really good. Administered by Yandex Opera they'd shine!

  • @pavelopdev: I agree. That would be good for both companies.

  • About Vulkan drivers used in Opera Stable and Opera Developer.

    Open Scroll down to any zen showing a film. When you switch Vulkan on

    Use vulkan as the graphics backend. – Windows, Linux, Android
    #enable-vulkan Enabled

    and reload Opera, all the films will start to blink with repetition (blink) frequencies increasing quickly with passing times.

    BTW Why Opera Stable for Linux may run with

    #enable-accelerated-video-decode Enabled

    but Opera Development is barred from doing so?

    BTW. 2. I've noticed recently you have collapsed all development paths for Opera GX, Opera M1 and Opera Developer into one cauldron. It started to bode ill to development of Opera Desktop. My premonitions have been confirmed, despite the assuring words of Madam Mielczarczyk:

    "On top of that, we’re still working on new stuff (...)"

    The mythical new stuff as for now is not being materialized for a long time.

    Try to divide the litany of "improvements" and bug fixes in changelog into three separate parts:

    • Opera GX Debuggerlog
    • Opera M1 Debuggerlog
    • Opera Desktop Debuggerlog (main Opera)

    Do not use the name changelog any more, as it de facto presents corrections only now, not real development issues.

    Opera 77 developer page is a mess to put it shortly.

  • Suggestion.
    Vertical tabs cylcer. >

  • The chromecast plugin has stopped working.

  • @pavelopdev said:

    Opera 77 developer page is a mess to put it shortly.

    What is Opera 77 developer page?

  • @pavelopdev said:

    Why Opera Stable for Linux may run with
    #enable-accelerated-video-decode Enabled

    but Opera Development is barred from doing so?

    The flag still exist in other Chromium based browsers running the same Chromium version?