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Workspaces with different speed dials and bookmarks

  • @chimpee I agree, I use FVD Speed Dial 3D add-on for Chrome, and I'd love for this built-in speed dial to be more customizable, custom images for each speed dial, different frames, shapes etc.

  • Alternative Solution: fix the tabs on the workspaces you want different bookmarks on, so they will be locked and easier to manage.

  • @eweise, totally agree. I think to customize the bookmark bar for each workspace is mandatory to take real advantage of this feature.

    Please Opera people we need it!

  • @eweise Yes! I just started using Opera and thought that was how it was going to work. Sad that it isn't. Opera please make it a thing.

  • Another unnecessary item, I'm all against it.

    Create n folders in Bookmarks bar named whatever you like - WS1, WS2 ...WSn. Open WS1 and then use WS1 menu, for example. Do not multiply "wishes for wishes"! Never ever you worked with tree menus?

  • @pavelopdev , you make me laugh...

  • @eweise +1

  • Upvote for this ER.
    I love workspaces and the Opera browser.

    I have workspaces for private, work 1, work 2, work 3, development, media.
    Just with the time I get confussed that the same bookmarks-bar is the same at all workspaces.

    It would be great if i can stay private with private bookmarks only, when work-1 then bookmarks for only work-1, and so on..
    So - even in my spare-time I don't get really remembered with the bookmarks of the work all the time.
    That would be much more organized.

  • @dutchharry Cannot you create submenu trees of main menu for your workspaces - naming them the same as your workspaces?

    • private
    • work1
    • development
    • media
      • radio
      • tv
      • youtube

    Why do you want to multiply complexity of Opera browser with unnecessary extensions?

  • @pavelopdev yes, you can. For that matter you don't really need workspaces, you can just group or arrange your tabs.
    But it's all about convenience. It saves a click. And it adds up over a day, over a week, over a month.

  • @pavelopdev because we don't want out illegal download/ hacking sites on the main bookmark toolbar in the era of zoom calls and all...

  • @dutchharry said in Separate Bookmarks for Workspaces:

    So - even in my spare-time I don't get really remembered with the bookmarks of the work all the time.

    Sorry, my previous post was not good english.

    @pavelopdev You descriped a way of organize the bookmarks that of course is possible for people who want it that way. Of course that way dont need to be changed!

    I see this request as feature for people - who do not want to be reminded of or see work (or whatever) in specific spaces.
    With 1 default bookmarkbar that is the same in every workspace - work and private life are mixed up. One in its free time is constantly reminded of the work that actually needs to be done. During work one is led to private content.
    Or even - for a meeting one want to have a clean bookmarkbar with only the bookmarks needed.
    In meetings I don't want to show anyone how I organize my bookmarks or which ones I have.

    Of course I could use another browser but no.. let's stay with Opera 🙂

    I think Opera is already capable of this feature!
    If you open bookmarks to edit - it is already categorized as "Bookmarkbar", "Fast-choises" and "Other bookmarks".
    At fast-choises I can edit bookmarks for every Opera-Browser connected to the same Opera-user-account on PC, Mac, mobiles, etc already!
    Like on my PC I can edit the fast-choice-bookmarks for mobilephone, Mac, etc thats only for that specific device.
    This is Opera default functionallity already.

    Of course this feature need not to be activated by default!
    There are no changes for people who want to have just 1 bookmarkbar with the same bookmarks on every workspace!

    Technically it could be done/solved like this - what I would prefere and suggest! 😉

    ** Default like now - no changes for the user!
    There is just 1 same default bookmarkbar with the same bookmarks for every workspace.

    ** For the feature (add on) its an setting to activate on the workspace:
    At each workspace there should be a setting/flag like "own bookmarkbar".
    Now it is possible for this workspace to have an own bookmarksbar.
    If this flag is not activated - the workspace just show the default bookmarkbar.

    At bookmarks (edit) could be a category "workspaces" added. Now here I can see and edit the bookmarks belonging only to that workspace. Like with "fast-choises".
    If I disable the workspace - the bookmarks should not be deleted. Maybe that workspace is activated later again.

    Now I have even added an suggestion how it might could be done technically 🙂

  • @dutchharry Hi, I'll reply you in few posts as you mixed few issues, as I see.

    Let me first explain some points. You can translate my GNU/Linux Debian work environment mentioned in the following descriptions, into MS Windows realm easily.

    • I like simple solutions - that's I always try to use Bash scripts instead of bloated applications (I'm Debian freak, yes, but w/out deep knowledge, alas.)
    • I like to illustrate every idea on XXX forums - for example, using pictures aka screenshots (photoshopped too) mostly, they much better explain visions of requests of mine than words only. See the Open thumbnails too in directory with images, but pardon my horrible style (I'll rewrite that request soon).
    • No offence, but you belong to the general users who do not dive into other web browsers' solutions deeply, if ever.
      1. Vivaldi It developed new generation of Tab Stacks adding second "tab rows". Marvelous invention. See the Time to sort out your tabs. Move your tabs to the left place (of window's browser), add thumbnail tabs option and you'll obtain Workspaces.
      [Fig. 1] The most left column (first one) represents Workspaces (they are Tab Stacks in Vivaldi). The second column shows a tab stack contents. You may switch off the thumbs and decrease the area the menu takes. Can you see direct relation to Opera's workspaces and with option of hidden bookmarks? 🙂 What you would be able to define in Vivaldi, as far as your Tabs are concerned ,is beyond the scope of my answer here (first part).
      2. Firefox As I erased my Firefox due to Mozilla plans to implement deplatforming web browsers users (censoring contents) into Firefox level, all my illustrations are gone forever. So, I've turned to pictures from extension pages. You have to pay attention to the two extensions: Simple Tab Groups + Multi-Account Containers. STG needs to have MAC installed. What they create is wonderful tool you could name it a Workspace Rolodex (my name 🙂 ). Two selected images from STG page's gallery:
      [Fig. 2] Illustration how STG works (details below, after the two pictures)
      [Fig. 3] One of STG group opened with contents. Smaller pop-up window explains itself. 😉
      When you've created all your groups aka Workspaces (work1, work2, private, team, etc), you will be able to select them and open in one tab row browser (here Firefox). Those tabs who were visible previously (belonging to one of your many groups aka Workspaces) had been hidden - NOT deleted(!) - after choosing new group. When you hide Bookmarks Tab Bar all groups will be hidden (apart from the chosen one). Isn't the solution you searched for, is it? 😉
    • I do like to look for any viable solution using existing tools and/or extensions. Extensions are not my favored tools, but one likes what he has, not waiting till someone else has conjured up your idea into reality, either through application improvement or coding new functionality.
    • Last but not least. Many users publishing on Opera Forums use many web browsers, among them Firefox. It has horrible solution concerning Snapshot naming. I worked for a while and changed Firefox snapshot names. See Creating screenshots with own names (timestamps, domains, pathnames etc). You'll find there my private URL where you will find new XPI files. Do not try reply to my Firefox post, I did remove my account from the bolshevik🤐 Mozilla🤮 kingdom. 👿 How the names can be changed shows the exemplary screenshot:
      [Fig. 4]
      XPI versions generate other names.
      XPI varsions
    • Solution for Opera will be described in next post. Stay tuned.
  • @dutchharry I promised corrected version of my post, here it is:
    Show thumbnails of images in directory page

    The above page/thread was moved to the old one:
    Open thumbnails too in directory with images

  • @chimpee This is exactly what I was thinking about since the first day of using the browser.

  • Each workspace could contain all the resources (i.e. bookmarks/extensions) you need for that particular area of your life.

    For example, let's say you have a school workspace, a hobby workspace, and a gaming workspace. In your school workspace, your bookmark bar has your school website, Canvas, Google Drive, etc., and can hold any articles or resources you need for school.

    For the hobby workspace, you can keep bookmarked supplies you need to order regularly, inspiration, and even side hustle tools if you have an Etsy Shop or blog.

    For the gaming workspace, you have all of your online games, guides and walkthroughs, or gaming news sites.

    Each workspace is distinct, so you can keep each area of your life distinct. You can focus on one at a time to boost productivity, keep everything organized, and manage your resources easily.