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[Suggestion]Allow Custom Images as Speed Dials Thumbnails

  • I think it would be a great idea to be able to add/change thumbnails of the saved links on the start page. In Vivaldi this is already possible and I think it makes the start page looks much nicer.


    In Vivaldi:

  • My suggestion is a better way of customizing our tiles.
    The ideas I had were:

    • Changing the colors of the specific tile that we want
    • Changing the picture that displays on the tile
    • Or being able to change the text that appears on the tiles. Right now the tiles give a custom picture if it is a verified site, But it's hard to tell what my unverified sites (the sites with no color coding and picture) are immediately when I open the speed dial.
      Personally, I think this would make things very easy to get to my sites quicker. It's just a slice of life that I think everyone would want. Thank you for your time.
  • Customizing is essential on a gamer browser. You can customize a lot of stuff in Opera GX, but not one of the most important ones in my opinion. So, if you want do add a website to the Speed Dial, you have to click the heart at the end of the URL and select "Speed Dial". It is going to let you choose between a few options, and the options are images that are in the website. Twitter, for example:

    18334252-d86f-470b-b4c7-49470c65c441-image.png bfaf5dcb-1be1-4421-8398-69a396d973e0-image.png 9580c877-3bde-4504-88d2-4579d5a5b0f3-image.png

    You want the Speed Dial images to have to logo of the site, I guess. So people would normally choose the first or the second. But what if I want Netflix in my Speed Dial? These are some of the image options that I have:


    Netflix logo Isn't there. At all. My options are some of the website images, and none of them are the Netflix logo. Of course, I can still opt for the default Opera image for websites, but then I would have this ugly-ass text ruining my Speed Dial.


    It would be a hundred times better if I could just upload this to the browser:


  • Title pretty much covers it, but the ability to upload and set custom icons for the saved sites in speed dial would be nice. This would add greatly to the visual customisation features of the browser.

  • This would be fantastic! i love the speed dial but it irritates me so much that I can't add pictures to represent the links myself. Even for popular sites like Netflix, speed dial defaults to a screenshot of the webpage which doesn't look very nice at all