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Opera 75 brings easier access to top features

  • @leocg As a matter of fact you've just saved me the hassle of having to do this on other Chromium based browsers, as the #temporary-unexpire-flags-m88 can be used on them also.... Take care.

  • Hi, please, Opera 75 has landed on my W8.1 desktop, and all the colours and presentations are changed respect to previous (I think 74?) version.
    I am using dark theme. I've try to look at the changelog, but too technical and long details in coding points, not useful for me.
    Does that new version bring changes to dark theme application, or colours managements in the UI?
    Also it seems to use straight Windows Theme colours (user changed windows theme colours!) instead of default browser's colours, also in browser.
    Also, in the main page the badges UI is completely changed, colors are all gone except for two badges, all is light and empty and very difficult to read.
    I don't understand what's up with new version UI and colors!
    Con you confirm that these changes were made ?
    Or please can you redirect me to an... "human-user-readable" changelog with all changes made listed clearly in common language?

  • @albertop Only thing I could find that may be related is DNA-90522 [Dark mode] Fix barely visible separator.

    There wasn't any major UI change during the time 75 was in Developer channel.

  • @leocg: Also, disabling dark mode (with all dark mode extensions disabled!) leaves all bars dark and all tabs dark and also tab contents like Yahoo page dark. This is staying even after rebooting.
    And in settings, I cannot even view the switches, so I'm clicking "on the right" of the setting for Opera dark mode and I see the External border and sidebar change colors, and nothing else.
    I' ve restarted Opera and the problems are still there.
    How can I return to previous version of the browser? I'm completely stunned and cannot use the browser in these conditions!
    What I'm viewing after disabling dark mode (but still having dark mode in windows):
    "1 disabling dark mode and still dark almost all.png":
    "2 home page displaying all badges with dark background but two (colors gone).png":

  • @leocg: Ok this is confirmed. I've changed Windows theme to non-dark one, and returning to Opera, all the dark backgrounds were gone.
    The new Opera uses straight the Windows theme colors in the rendering of all elements.
    This is somewhat confusing and I don't understand what's going on. Also this change was not published to users before to update to the new version? This is radical change for users with dark theme on OS. Please help me I am very confused, now I dunno what to do with Windows and browser's preferences.

  • @leocg: Maybe there was a flag or option related to colors that was ripped off? So this "new" should be the standard colour behaviour, to use OS colours? I am completely puzzled.

  • @leocg: after disabling Windows dark theme, also badge colors in Opera home are come back (how this could be???) and are no more all dark background-ed. Even more confused!

  • @leocg: last thing to note, as said, when Windows Dark theme is active, the switches in settings page do disappear completely:
    "3 settings page switches disappearing with Windows Dark Mode on.png"

    Now I go to bed and I will come back tomorrow to see if someone can explain to me what I've done wrong on my system 😛 , or what thing is going bad with my windows and Opera colors. Thanks

  • @albertop Do you use any special Windows theme?

  • @albertop Some web pages can detect that you are using a dark theme and set up their themes to follow it.

  • @leocg: Ok I've looked into about:flags and I've found the following two interesting:

    "Web Platform Controls Dark Mode
    If enabled, forms controls and scrollbars will be rendered with a dark theme, only on web pages that support dark color schemes, and when the OS is switched to dark theme. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS"


    "Web Platform Controls updated UI
    If enabled, HTML forms elements will be rendered using an updated style. – Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android"

    both set as Enabled by default.

    I remember to have seen those flag this before, but I don't remember how was their value.

    They seems related to behavior I've observed.

    Should I try to disable some?

    Tomorrow I will try and see.

    If requested, I could try to link my Windows dark theme save file for download for testing with it.

    What's up? My guesses about the possible origins of the problem:

    1. flags were previously set by me to Disabled (but, I don't remember that though!), and update process has reverted them to enable
    2. default value for flags has simply changed from D to E
    3. a bug were present on some of those flag's action, now they works as intended but not before
      Those should be confirmed by experts there around ^_^

    Note also that, I was having /some/ problems with colors on recent Opera versions before 75, but, this was only on /some/ sites, where background was rendered dark and fonts with some dark color difficult to view.

    Now the behavior is, except for upper border and sidebar strip, all is dark with Windows theme text color (such as gold color, good for windows borders and file names) and most elements in Opera are not viewable at all or gone black. Some color or shape rendering is also compromised in dark mode.
    'Night to all

  • @leocg: Sorry your I haven't see your question!
    Yes, I use a "special" Windows theme, I've crafted starting from "Hi-contrast theme" and then changing manually the colors.

    I've saved the theme on G Drive, this is the link:

  • @albertop Then that's probably it, the theme is "forcing" Opera to use a high contrast UI and that's why things a messed up.

  • @albertop The flags probably were disabled by default and now they are enabled by default.

    You can try disabling them but I don't think it will make any difference. Ans would be just a workaround.

  • @palx: Maybe this extension can help, once they completely remove the flag?

  • @shintoplasm01 Thank you, I've being using it for a while, and it is a superb app because it checks your grammar mistakes also, but it cannot be used on any of the sidebar apps like "Messenger" or "WhatsApp" which are the most crucial for me, since this is where I have to change languages a lot to communicate and need my spelling checked. I had in the past asked them about it, on their Opera Store version of the app, but they said they cannot make it work on Sidebar apps.... Let's hope by the time the Chromium Devs remove the flag indefinitely, they will have fixed the issue, since they know about it and have already found the solution.

  • Vivaldi will soon have native translation of pages, when Opera will have native translation of pages???

  • I found today that a telemed provider using still can't see my camera and mic with Opera browser. I hope you're investigating. It worked up until earlier this month. Today it worked with Firefox, which had been inconsistent previously, according to the doctor.

  • @firuz-u7 What translation service will be used?

  • @leocg Opera