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Can I really trust Opera?

  • Hello!
    Opera is definitely trustworthy. I use it since years and never had concerns.
    Have a great day!

  • @andreimattponayadf said in Can I really trust Opera?:

    I want to trust Opera, but I have concerns.

    Indeed. I share your concerns. I go back to the old Opera (circa 2000) and greatly lamented its passing and the passing of the Opera Community where many like me lost everything. I suppose that the current Opera browser could be trusted for general browsing but I would be reluctant to link to my bank account and/or make any purchases with it. The reassurances that it is still under Norwegian laws and even located there mean very little to me. We live in a global community so geographic location is somewhat meaningless. For more sensitive things on a Windows machine, I would use either the Tor browser or Brave. I wish Jon had never left Opera but that is so much water under the proverbial bridge. It is what it is.

  • It's a simple question based upon opinion and knowledge of current events. Can I trust Opera software to be free of spyware? Can I be assured that it will not implant backdoors into my computer? This was never a concern when Opera was owned by a Norwegian company but the new owners (Chinese consortium named Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund) has a less than stellar history, shall we say. So in spite of assurances that the software must abide by Norwegian laws regulating what can and cannot be implemented in its development, how can I be at peace should I download it?

  • @wayner46 None of the topics about it were enough for you?

  • @wayner46 Can you be sure that your computer came with no backdoor and spywares?

    Opera was acquired about five years ago, what seems long enough time for issues regarding the browser being trustful to be raised. And that didn't happen as far as I know.

    Anyway, it's 100% up to you to trust in something or not.

  • @leocg said in Trusting Opera Software:

    @wayner46 None of the topics about it were enough for you?

    Leo, Leo, Leo. I'm not the enemy. I'm just someone who would "like to" trust Opera software and apparently need more reassurance from those more knowledgeable than I. Leo, I've been using Opera browsers from 1999 onwards so it's not like I'm a Johnny-come-lately to this. I simply need some more proof than I've seen so far. Is that wrong for me to raise the issue here? If so... then lock the thread. I'll understand if you think I'm being a triouble-maker. I'm not, Leo. I'm just an older guy who needs some reassurance.

  • @leocg You're right about the hardware although there have been instances in the past few years regarding spyware found in hardware from China (I saw this on Security Now with Steve Gibson back about a year ago). But yes... I suppose you have a point there in terms of my phone, tablet and laptop.

  • @wayner46 Having several topics opened to discuss the same thing breaks the purpose of having a forum, not to mention that it's against the rules.

  • @leocg Lock the topic, Leo. I apologize for raising the issue once again. Sorry. ☹

  • I don't trust any tech company...