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  • Enhanced address bar and side bar should have a blur effect. It would be nice.

  • @bristolian Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused. How does the browser work for you now?

  • One more invalid section in Settings (on all channels)
    *the option opens fine in Chrome

  • @andrew84 thank you, reported as DNA-92092

  • In Print Preview, looking at an exchange with a doctor in the online Epic message system, there are six pages. However at the bottom of the 6th page, the page number indicator reverts from 6 to 5. Bug?

  • @sgrandin Hi, thank you for the message! Can you please send us a video record of this issue?

  • @olesiak @olesiak: Since it is a private medical conversation, a video wouldn't do, Instead I've made three successive screenshots showing page 3, page 4, then a 3 again at the bottom. The last 3 shows just before getting to the bottom. I first saw this with PDF chosen as printer, but it also occurs with a Brother laser printer chosen. The folder with the three screenshots is posted at...!AqsCKHVTj0ydp2_AMMNdL326v-mc?e=pKP11m

    Is this sufficient or should I file a bug report?

  • @sgrandin thank you for the screenshots! What is your current browser version?

  • Multiple "stable" updates of 74 version, every damn one of which kept crashing for no apparent reason, finally made me switch browsers. Thank you!

  • @olesiak Current version shows in tab up top on screenshots

  • @shion-san If you find out Opera useful in 80% despite the crashes, wait a little longer, do not ditch Opera so quickly. It crashes, but it reloads itself in a jiffy. Apart from staying alive it sends crash reports in background. The real causes of these events are very tricky and tough to pin them effectively. Try Opera Beta then if Opera Stable is a nasty beast within your hardware configuration.

  • @pavelopdev: The thing is that 73 was working fine. Only when updating to 74 (no mater what build) it starts insta-crashing on what seems to be random actions. One that has 100% chance of crash happening within a minute was hovering over youtube thumbnails, triggering mini-previews. I though it was related to video decoding, but disabling hardware acceleration via flags had no effect. I've been reporting it probably since 2nd or 3rd update of 74 came out. Last update still had that problem and I lost my profile trying to roll back, so I just switched to another browser, which I hope will be more stable than Opera.
    There might be something on my side though: like some outdated extensions (with no alternatives), or my habit of deleting autoupdate, installer_helper, assistant and crashreporter executables, due to concerns about privacy and lack of ability to rollback because of forced-auto-updates.
    I hope by the time my current browser ends up into another crashing mess (they all do for some reason), Opera would become a good alternative to come back to.

  • @shion-san Thanks for your attention to my words. In reality you answered few questions by yourself. At the same time you pointed to new issues. I do not want to be rude lecturing you, but your mess is in part a mess of your habits. I use Debian Testing (Bullseye), always Testing release thru 90% of all my adventures with PC. Any trouble? I check system applying other drivers or reinstalling system (Testing tests all software, half of them is not necessary to me). But first of all I do backups - opsta, opbet, opdev, viv, ffox etc. There were times when most of us were using only one HDD! No pendrives, no CD-Rs etc Today is like life in Software and Hardware Eldorado. Whatever you do now to get rid of the onerous crashes is up to you, to your knowledge and perseverance in pursuit of the crash culprit.

    My humble advice. Leave your present Opera alone for a while. Take Opera you have not and then install it manually. Thus you''ll obtain Opera in pristine state. Make basic improvements you really need and check the same places which crashed your browser.

    Opera for GNU/Linux has few different sources for ffmpeg libs, for example. (How the worlds of Win10 and MacOS work I don't know.) Do the same with other browsers. There will come the time you gain the best confirmed knowledge which part of your PC is responsible for your bugs/problems - either web browsers (libs/extensions) or your operating system (I mean one of its subsystem).

    Yes, it is drawn-out procedure of narrowing scope of possible reasons of your crash issues. Only then the time for the right software tools will come (if one knows how to use them!). At this moment the Open World opens to you alone too. I must admit here I do not have the skill and knowledge to find solution to many issues. I just search Internet for tips/remedies and do check meticulously those part I deem suspected.

    I beg your pardon for the overly simplification. Your rig is in your hands anyway. 🙂

    I wish you the best. Look for the help from those who make use of similar hardware and software.

    Have a nice day.

  • @shion-san Download, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera 74.0.3911.218" on your desktop, set "install for" to "Standalone installation", uncheck "help improve Opera", and install. As soon as you see the X at the top right of Opera, close it. Then, in the installation directory on your desktop, delete opera_autoupdate.exe, opera_crashreporter.exe, installer.exe and installer_helper_64.exe, installer_helper_lib.dll. If you want, delete assistant_package too. Don't worry about the debug.log file being created because of some of those things missing.

    Run Opera plain like that for a bit. Don't import anything into it, don't install any extensions, and don't enable Opera Sync. Opera should run fine like that and not crash. If it does, you could report what triggers the crash. Once you deem Opera stable, try installing your extensions to see if any of them crash Opera and report which ones.

  • Hi @burnout426, there's already a newer version - 74.0.3911.232, so perhaps @shion-san may want to download this one.

  • @l33t4opera 🙂 Yes indeed.

  • @shion-san I concur, unfortunately as of late I am experiencing the same problem, with the latest versions... Now after the update to the 74.0.3911.232 version, when I reloaded all my tabs on a Workspace, Opera crashed again, but now it erased all my open/pined tabs on all Workspaces also. It did not erase them with the previous versions it just crashed.

  • @kened Interestingly, Firefox Proton is using the borders of the active address bar just like Opera. They reduced the brightness of the borders.

  • @palx I can put myself on the list, but I was more lucky.
    I started to watch football match yesterday. In a second I clicked Maximize (square) button to have Opera Window covering whole screen, all my 4 windows (on two Desktops) immediately imploded and then kicked back into full screen white area, which was very quickly populated with opened tabs. I had to reorder those windows only. I did lost nothing.

    You must know as well, that I always keep fresh bookmarks backups and I've found V7 Tabs extension very handy. You may open closed Windows too, not only Tabs. You should ponder V7 Bookmarks and V7 Sessions, too.

  • @burnout426: Thank you for your suggestions. I might try that once my schedule is open (very busy month).
    Though I was installing "stable" version in hopes of it being actually stable. If I wanted to test and debug Opera, I'd go for beta version. Like wasn't that the reason of all those branches existing in the first place?

    @pavelopdev: I find Opera being a lot useful actually. Was.. In my opinion "crash culprit" is Opera 74 itself, as 73 was actually stable in that regard. And I don't really have the time to investigate it properly, simply because another browser manages to do the same without crashing. Maybe later.
    Though thanks for the idea of using backup software, I don't use that due to my PC and OS being stable without any repairs and reinstallations for more than 2 years (along with that Opera profile, though had to "manually repair" it few times due to rollback) and having all work related stuff on another drive.